Anyone attending/attended/thinking of attending Schiller International University???

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    After a long and winding academic road, I have finally found myself here at Schiller International University. Im working on my BA in International Relations and Diplomacy. I LOVE IT!!! The classes are very challenging, the staff and professors are top notch, the university is Nationally Accredited and has a wonderful international reputation, it has a fully online campus as well as land campuses in Florida, Germany, France, and Spain. I've spoken to several different regionally accredited colleges who have said that SIU credits and degrees will transfer without any problems. So that made me really happy and cinched the deal for me. Im trying to decide where to get my Masters at right now, but thats still a ways off. Anyway, if anyone is thinking about this school, you should come here. Its AWESOME. If anyone has attended or is currently attending, I'd love to hear from you.
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  3. SteveFoerster

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    Agreed, I've always thought Schiller is ridiculously overpriced.
  4. NMTTD

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    I think the fact that its so well known and respected internationally, the classes are challenging, the professors and staff are awesome, and the fact that seem well respected even with the RA schools makes the price tag worth it. I have not run into a single school I have personally been interested in that said they would not take a degree from SIU. Its not NA is some horrible, awful thing. Its still an accreditation the the D of E recognizes. And they definitely offer a quality education. Personally I'll take this NA school over the crappy RA school I was previously in any day of the week. RA does not automatically mean better.
  5. This person either really...really...really likes this school OR is a shiller. :scratchchin:
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    Pun intended?

    All I'll add is this. There are many, many, many more lousy schools accredited by ACICS than there are good ones. Schiller may be one of the good ones. I have no experience with them.

    But to argue that accreditation level doesn't matter is silly. A school has the option of determining which group of schools it chooses to hang a flag with. If it's been open for more than a decade or two and it's still holding NA only; it deserves what reputation it invokes when people don't know any better.

    What I'd really like to see is a situation where a new poster doesn't kick off an accreditation debate or ask about how their school is viewed by the community. Perhaps a sticky that says: "These are the biases of this board. Try to be mindful when discussing the following." would help.
  7. No pun intended. I just looked at his/her last few recent post in this thread and the other that he/she started and noticed that the posts conveyed pretty much the exact same message.
  8. NMTTD

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    Who cares? I like my school. Maybe you should spend more time and energy on your studies and less time looking for drama and "shillers", whatever they are, you would be just as excited about your school. This is crazy. If you dont like Schiller then why did you even post on my thread? I dont understand this board at all. You guys are nuts. Trolling threads looking for drama. I think Im done here. Im going to find a new board where people are actually ALLOWED to like their school.
  9. OpalMoon34

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    You're a shill and your school is crap. Readers please do not enroll in this ridiculously overpriced nationally accredited "university." There are so many other options that are more reputable and have stronger accreditations.

    Schiller Graduation Ceremony composed of 6 students​
  10. bpreachers

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    Thin skin eh?

    They are merely posting that the school you are trumping up is over priced for the product it puts out, at least by US Standards. Great that you like it however next time you want to post up about how awesome your school is maybe it should not be your first ever post and maybe it should not come off as a advertisement thread. :sasmokin:
  11. Shawn Ambrose

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    I see his diplomatic skills are working out just fine :)
  12. StefanM

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    And others are free not to like it as well. I'm sure some people like your former school that holds regional accreditation.

    Some people post on this board as a diversion. Furthermore, one's studies do not necessarily require every waking moment's attention.

    You asked for opinions about the school. If you didn't want honest opinions, you probably shouldn't have asked.

    No one here is trolling a thread looking for drama (although Opal was harsh). You are allowed to like your school here, just as anyone else is allowed not to like your school.

    I have no experience with Schiller. I would have some questions about the tuition rate, and I would also be interested in understanding why the school hasn't yet obtained an accreditation other than ACICS. That accrediting body doesn't seem to fit their degree offerings that well.
  13. NMTTD

    NMTTD Active Member

    I did not make this thread asking for opinions about my school. I made this thread for those who are currently, have in the past, or are thinking about attending Schiller. Nowhere did I say "hey, give your opinion about my school." I simply wanted to meet others who are associated with my school and maybe find some study buddies or whatever.
  14. NMTTD

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    That was from several years ago and at one of the foreign campuses. And not EVERY student can, or will, travel for graduation. It is an INTERNATIONAL school. I know I, for one, will not go to Germany or Spain or France if graduation happens to be held there when I graduate.
  15. rebel100

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    Really? Traveling to graduation would likely be less than the cost of a single 3 hour undergrad course? You are working hard and profess great love for your school. I would think that you would jump at the chance to celebrate your accomplishment with the 6 other students (or however many). After dropping that kind of dough...I'm walking the stage.
  16. bpreachers

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    Posting anything in an open forum is going to automatically garner people's opinions that you may or may not agree with. If all the posts had said "never been there but I here it is great" you would have taken no issue but god forbid that people have conflicting views to your own.
  17. StefanM

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    But you didn't state that you only wanted to meet other people affiliated with the school in your OP.

    To be fair, you didn't ask for opinions directly, but you did address those thinking of attending. Others on the thread provided additional information that would be relevant for those thinking of attending.
  18. dumpyogre

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    I'm conflicted about this one. I researched the school and it does seem kind of legitimate. The NA accreditation would be a big red flag for me mainly because I like to be sure that my credits will transfer to state universities. Why hasn't this school ever received RA?
  19. Ok, I will give you the benefit of the doubt and try to put this thread on the right path. If you are looking for someone from your school I doubt you will find them here. I have been on this forum for a little while now and you are the first person I have ever heard mention this school. Honestly, Facebook might just be a better route at this point if you want to associate with people that have graduated, attended, or thinking of attending your school.
  20. SurfDoctor

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    Schiller International University is accredited by ACICS which, to the best of my knowledge, is a national accreditation recognized by the US Dept. of Ed.

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