Anybody familiar with University of Stirling (Scotland, UK)?

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  1. VB1

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    Anybody familiar with University of Stirling (Scotland, UK)? [I am interested in their MBA in Entrepreneurship & Business Venturing program (distance-learning).]
  2. Gary

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    U of Stirling DL MBA

    I've heard of it, but know very little. YOu might want to go to the "AMBA" accreditation site ( and see if they're accredited by that British accrediting agency...their version of AACSB.

    Let me know what you find out.

  3. mrbean72

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    Stirling MBA

    The Stirling MBA is also mentioned on the Economist Which MBA web site:

    The Stirling MBA Entrepreneurship & Business Venturing looks like a very interesting program. Perhaps Professor Kennedy would also have some insight into the Stirling MBA.

    Michael Weedon

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