Any updates on Mark Israel?

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  1. My thoughts and prayers go out to Mark and his family. Sometimes recovery from a head injury is extremely slow and then progress suddenly occurs.
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    Recovery from a head injury can be extremely slow and pianful, for I saw it first hand with my wife, who, two and half years ago went through major brain surgery to remove a brain tumor from the back of her head.

    It was hard to take seeing a woman who was full of life lying in a hospital with tubes coming out of her, and to top everything off, we were only married about 5 months when we found out she needed brain surgery.

    However, by the grace of God and I give my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ all the glory, for just several months later, my wife made a full and complete recovery!!

    So, let us all keep the faith and continue to pray for Mark and his family, for miracles still happen for those who believe!

    "JAMES 5:14-15"

    Rich Hartel
    A.A. in Theological Studies, Trinity College of the Bible (present)
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    Certainly we all wish Mark every success in his recovery and extend our pride and our admiration for the loving hard work by Rosie and their daughter. You remain in our prayers for refuah shlemah ve-refuah nefesh (healing of body and of soul).
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    I am following all the progress made by Mark Israel, and I am very glad he´s improving his condition little by little. I hope he can be with us again as soon as possible.


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    Mark is gaining control!!!!

    Thanks to all for your continued support!

    It really helps me and I read every line to Mark. I can now tell you he is listening and trying very hard to write or speak (will get there in due time;) )

    We are about to update our AOL Journal, I will put new pictures and give a full detail of Marks recovery.

    I also hope to hear him very soon typing away at the computer one of those endless Distance Learning topics that he loves.
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    Thank you for the wonderful news. You and Mark are in our prayers.
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    I am very pleased and excited to hear the great news!!!
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    I, too, prayed for Mark today.

    God Bless!
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    Thank you for sharing the good news about Mark with us. I continue to pray that he will have a speedy recovery. My best wishes to you and your entire family. Thank you.
  12. Rosie,
    Thanks for sharing this news about Mark's improving condition with all of us. Those of us here who care about Mark and looked forward to his postings are glad that he is on the mend, and our thoughts and prayers are with you and your family.
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    Hi Rosie and Mark,
    How is Mark's recovery comimg along.
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    From Rosie's BLOG: (Link above)
    Latest entry in the BLOG:
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    Praise His most wonderful holy name!

    Wonderful news!
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    Best wishes!


    I am glad to hear about Mark's improving condition. My thoughts, prayers and meditations are with you, Mark and your family.

    Take care,

    Sensei Abner
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    In my email today:
    Tuesday, June 28, 2005

    New Journal Entry
    A new entry has been posted to the Journal:
    Mark's Journey Back Home
    Subject: Mark is home!!!
    Author: rosyisrael
    We have two months of pictures to share from Mark's acute rehab at sharp. We have many ideas to share too, but right now we are still just enjoying the fact that he is home. After one year and four months, he is here.

    We still have many more challenges to overcome, more gains to have, but the fact that our life is not dictated by a hospital policy, a nursing home or someone else, is just incredible.
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    This is terrific news!
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    Wonderful, Rosie! It is so gratifying to hear the progress. Thanks, Jerry, for the update.

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    Rosie - I would very much like to write Mark a letter. If this seems a good idea to you I would ask that you email me your mailing address. I can be reached here:
    [email protected]
    All my best wishes,

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