Any Strathclyde Students?

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  1. MISin08

    MISin08 New Member

    Hello, all --

    I am looking very closely at the Strathclyde MSc in Business Analysis & Consulting offered via DL. I have scoured the site, I've been looking at some of the readings and checking into the faculty, and based on the content of the program, I'm pumped. I am learning the vocabulary of UK education and getting a feel for some of the structural differences from the US, but I would love to hear from students of this or any Strathclyde DL program (especially if US-based) about the real-world experience of attending this school. Thanks.

  2. Woho

    Woho New Member

    Funny that you mention it. I'm trying to get further informations on one of their Business Master programs for weeks and they are extremely nonreactive. Program manging Professor stays silent [~3w ago], the administration person stays silent [~2w ago] and on Wednesday I emailed to their general graduate center email address and even they don't react.
    In theory I would be really close to joining their program, but this nonreactiveness makes it quite hard.
  3. MISin08

    MISin08 New Member

    Interesting. I have been putting off contacting them until I have done my homework, but it will be interesting to see how the dept responds. Thanks for the reply.

  4. Tom H.

    Tom H. New Member

    University of Strathclyde, Glasgow, Scotland

    Last I recall reading about their graduate business programs they only offered certificate programs via 100% distance education. IIRC there was some type of short residential component involving campus visits for their master's programs.
  5. MISin08

    MISin08 New Member

    Not that I'd mind a trip to Glasgow, but MSc entirely by distance appear to be available in the Mgt Science school, at least. I wonder if they make you work too hard to have time to post to degreeinfo...
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  6. Woho

    Woho New Member

    Just as an update: I knocked on a few more doors // emails and they turn out to be quite responsive. Maybe I was just "unlucky" ;)
  7. MISin08

    MISin08 New Member

    Just hoping to make DegreeInfo a more rich and vibrant community by engaging any Strathclyde students who may be lurking...bump
  8. MISin08

    MISin08 New Member

    While trying out the upgraded search feature I found this thread and thought I would update. The Management Science head wrote back to me and was very helpful, providing me with a detailed syllabus and a current student contact who gave me the inside view.

    The full MSc is available by DL. The school emphasizes "appropriate employment" of students, as the program is designed to integrate with one's job.

  9. krysanhemum

    krysanhemum New Member

    Just got admission into Strathclyde for Chemical engrn... hope i aint alone.

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