Any schools that accept FEMA Certifcations?

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  1. CollegeChick

    CollegeChick New Member

    Are there any schools that accept FEMA certifications anymore? Thomas Edison does not. This sucks. I have 6 classes under my belt. So far TESU isn't as liberal with transfer credits as I thought...
  2. rebel100

    rebel100 New Member

    Exclesior takes them if run through Frederick CC for around $80/credit.

    Charter Oak takes them free directly from FEMA.

    AMU/APU takes them.

    Clackamus in Oregon, Red Rocks in Colorado, a couple of schools in Arkansas as I recall.
  3. CollegeChick

    CollegeChick New Member

    Thank you for your response. What is Frederick CC? What does this mean?

    So, I can just show Charter Oak my FEMA certs? I took them back in 2009, so I'm not sure how to get the formal credit. I just saved the actual papers.

    I graduated from Red Rocks in 99'. So, I guess just contact the school and see what the process is??

    Thanks for your help.
  4. Gabe F.

    Gabe F. Member

  5. rebel100

    rebel100 New Member

    FCC sits down the street from the FEMA training center in Maryland. They partner with FEMA directly and charge a fee to convert your courses to college credit. Many schools, like, Excelsior, take these FCC courses. Other schools will take FEMA directly from the government without the need or cost of FCC. Charter Oak takes them direct and without cost.....but they do follow the FCC credit recommendation s.
  6. CollegeChick

    CollegeChick New Member

    Thanks everyone who responded. It looks like no FEMA credit for me, as I'm looking to proceed with TESU's BA in Comm program. Unless somehow they'll accept my FEMA credits if I run them through my Alma mater, Red Rocks.

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