Any Ph.D. programs in ED that award a M.Ed en route?

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    My wife just graduated college with her Bacherlor's in Early Childhood Ed and is contemplating continuing on with her Master's. I would like to continue on to a Ph.D or Ed.S. We have decided to look for a program we could do together (even though I have a MBA and have been accepted into TUI) but she would like to go no further than the M.Ed., at least for now.

    My question is what online schools offer a M.Ed. en route to a Ph.D. or Ed.S?

    Does anyone know couples who have attempted/completed a degree together and what was the outcome?

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    Bumping it up....
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    I don't think you will find many couples that have gone to university in tandem, unless they met there and are continuing together. I have tried to get my wife to go back to school with me, but she is not interested. I have always loved school and she has always hated it. The old saying that opposites attract is often true, I think.
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    It's funny you say that Michael. My wife is not a fan of going to school. She finished her bachelors and knows that for progression in the field (especially pay wise) she needs her M.Ed. I on the other hand finished my undergrad with 220ish hours, finished an MBA at CSU, have another 21 (soon to be 24) graduate hours at UT Martin and the Arkansas State online program. I love going to school. Definitely opposites.... Hmm, maybe thats why she wants me to do this along with her =).

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