Any online programs to become RN?

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    I noticed on the other thread about Creighton University offering an online PharmD with some limited on campus visits. I'm curious if there is any programs like this for nursing with limited campus and/or hospital visits to become an Registered Nurse. I noticed all the programs I have found, it's only at the campus and online for those already RN's who want their undergrad or grad degree.

    Reason for the question, because the programs here in California is severely impacted and I read how some people have tried for years to get in and can't because it's based on a lotto system. My wife is about 2 semesters away from completing her pre-nursing prerequisites.
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    The short answer is no. The clinical portion must be done in person somewhere. The clinical for an LPN then onto online RN is an option, but not a great one. Some states have a lot of hoops making that a poor route. There really is no way to become a nurse without attending face to face.
    On the bright side, once she gets her RN, the world is her oyster with BSN, MSN, DNP, etc all being readily available online. I found nothing short of a zillion accelerated options, but you have to get that RN first.

    *it may be possible for her to do her prereqs online, that was an option I looked at. All 3 of my local programs didn't have a problem with the prereqs being done online, in fact, all 3 accepted CLEPs for the non-lab requirements. That might help her a bit. Good luck to her!
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    California and Excelsior

    California and Excelsior College. I believe there are difficulties gaining licensure in California if you are a graduate of Excelsior College nursing program because of the lack of clinical hours.
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    I noticed that Independence University has an online degree in Respiratory Therapy with a "clinical component".

    With a license in Respiratory therapy you can get accepted to Excelsior College RN program but like I said check California regulations if they will license you as a graduate of Excelsior. Also, it is possible you could get licensed in another state then work in a federal facility in California until you have the requirements for a California license based on reciprocity.

    In my opinion, your best bet is to go to a local LPN program for a year then look at your options for a LPN to RN program. it is too bad Excelsior College does not accept EMT's to RN anymore.
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    That's what we plan to look for. There are three community colleges and state college that offer RN programs, but it's very hard to get into those problems. My wife plans to apply to all those schools, and several do offer LVN programs, which she plans to apply there as well. She is about three semesters away from finishing her pre-nursing courses. We contacted Western Career College, but they are wanting over 43K for LVN program and over 38K for LVN to RN program. That is outrageous! I told my wife when I was checking out Liberty University, if she has a 2 year degree and meets all the pre-nursing preq. she can do the resident BS in nursing for under 50K. I can't believe Western Career would charge this much, when you have universities that charges less, which includes living on campus. Of course, I was only giving an example to my wife, but she started crying saying I was trying to send her far far away. lol

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