Any news on Trident?

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  1. Petedude

    Petedude New Member

    I realize the Show Cause deadline is this month, but it seems like WASC met last month. . .
  2. Randell1234

    Randell1234 Moderator Staff Member

    There is a live Webcast this week. Did you get an invite?
  3. Petedude

    Petedude New Member

    Nope. Probably need to update you on a few things, too. Sending PM. . .
  4. _T_

    _T_ New Member

    If anyone needs the link, let me know and I can forward to you. It's tomorrow at 5:00 EST
  5. Petedude

    Petedude New Member

    So, what's the scoop? Are they being bought out or something?
  6. Randell1234

    Randell1234 Moderator Staff Member

    We should know today at 5PM.
  7. Randell1234

    Randell1234 Moderator Staff Member

    WASC has lifted the show cause sanction. They will remain on probation for a year.
  8. Petedude

    Petedude New Member

    Good news, bad news. Good news is, they're not getting closed this month. Bad news, they haven't gotten completely off the hook yet.

    Anything else new come out of the webcast?
  9. KLogan

    KLogan New Member

    Here is a cut-n-paste of the letter that I was sent from the Prez, as I am a current MBA student.

    March 8, 2012

    Dear (KLogan),

    I am pleased to inform you that the Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC) has removed the Trident University Show Cause order. They have placed the University on probation. This action enables us to: a) affirm that the changes we have instituted now become permanently ingrained in the way we manage our operations, and b) complete the implementation of remediation plans for students impacted by the general education credits issue. The Commission commends TUI for responding swiftly and resolutely to the Show Cause sanction and for assuming full responsibility for recognizing the shortcomings of past conduct.

    We thank WASC for their counsel and look forward to the WASC special visit in Fall 2012 which will ensure that the new administrative policies, procedures, and processes implemented by TUI are enduring and that student information systems enhancements are progressing. It is our goal to demonstrate this to WASC at the Fall 2012 special visit. TUI is privileged to continue our seven-year relationship with WASC, and we are honored to be accredited by an organization renowned for its rigorous standards and review processes.

    Trident University currently remains the only 100% on-line University accredited by WASC.

    As the Commission rightfully pointed out, some of our processes were not in compliance and needed to be changed. Our faculty and our commitment to educational excellence never faltered during these past months, and we believe that Trident emerges from Show Cause stronger and better equipped to serve our diverse student body with academic excellence and integrity. As always, our priority is serving students and alumni. On behalf of the University, I want to extend our thanks to our students, our alumni, and our faculty for their support and fortitude.

    To learn more about Trident’s future, join me for a live webcast of the State of the University Address scheduled this Thursday, March 8 at 5PM EST/ 2PM PST. If you have already registered for the event and have questions you would like addressed, please email [email protected]. If you have not had a chance to register, please click the button below:

    State of the University Address

    During this period, we have routinely communicated with the Trident family and our education partners. We will continue this practice going forward and I encourage you to email me directly at [email protected]. I will take your comments in earnest and reply as quickly as possible.

    Sincerely yours,

    Dr. Lucille Sansing
    President and CEO, Trident University International
    Aspire - Believe - Achieve
  10. Randell1234

    Randell1234 Moderator Staff Member

    I would assume it is normal to move through stages and not go from Show Cause to a 5 year reaccreditation. I do not think the agency woud be doing their job without some required follow up action. Nothing else came from it that I remember.
  11. Petedude

    Petedude New Member

    Thanks. I think it translates roughly to:
    "Oops, we fouled up. We fixed it, thanks to WASC. We love WASC. WASC is following up. Did I mention we love WASC?"

    Anyway, it looks like they're now a viable option again as long as they maintain their internal discipline-- thus the probation.

    Klogan, what's your impression so far of them?
  12. KLogan

    KLogan New Member

    I am on my last class with them. The people I have dealt with on the administrative side have been helpful and accomidating.

    On the academic side, most of the profs have seemed to be engaged with the process. Only two were obviously phoning it in. Better percentage than I observed in "real" college. The upside is that we don't have to waste each other's time in a classroom being bored at each other. I can knock out my papers, they can knock out grading them, no more time is taken than is necessary.

    The depth of learning is up to the student. Some people scoff at that notion, I think that it is true regardless of the delivery method, it is just more obvious when there is no scantron test to hide behind.

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