Any Masters or PhD for under $5k USD?

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    Hi everyone
    My first post here! Thanks for your help in advance.

    A bit about me:
    I am looking for a graduate degree (Masters or Doctoral) that is mostly online or via distance learning, from the US, Canada or Australia. I live in the US and Canadian or Australian tuition ends up cheaper because of the currency rates.

    I am not very picky, I just want a Masters or PhD or PsyD that costs less than $5k USD in total (entire cost of the program)

    I don't care about awesome accreditation.

    I do not plan to become a psychologist, or to accept insurance or Rx medications

    I will likely aim at becoming a mental, spiritual, and nutrition type health coach / counselor. I have multiple certifications and other experience in these areas, but would like a grad degree to add to my credentials.

    One place I found with a ND (Naturopathic dr) degree from Trinity a chrisian based / ministry school. I also came across a number of Doctor or Theology or ministry grad programs that are very affordable.

    The degree just has to be 1-a grad degree 2-costs less than $5k 3- Be in the general fields of: mental, spiritual or physical health .. ex. ND, PsyD, any psychology, Theology, Botany, Holistic Nutrition, outdoors/adventure therapy, perhaps people-management and leadership ...

    Schools I do "not" want a degree from are:


    Thanks much!

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