Any Luck Transferring ALEKS Course to Community College?

Discussion in 'General Distance Learning Discussions' started by Fortunato, Jul 14, 2011.

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    My younger brother is just two courses away from his AS, and one of the courses he needs is a Business Statistics class. ALEKS has a course that fits the bill perfectly, and is ACE approved. He could definitely do the class within a month ($20), and I know the ACE transcript fee is ~$40. We're talking about ~$60 for three credits, that's even cheaper than CLEP/DSST! The only thing is I'm not sure how likely his CC is to accept the credit. Has anyone here successfully transferred ALEKS independent study courses for credit at schools other than the Big 3? What was the process like? What sort of hoops did you have to jump through?

    I've been able to help my brother with the CLEP/DSST side of things (he's tested out of 7 classes so far), but I never even heard of ALEKS until I was finished with my degree. I'm out of my element here. The fallback would be the DSST Stats exam, so if it's a nonstarter, we have a backup plan. I'd love to save him the $$$ though.

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    Probably only take a phone call to see if they accept credits on an ACE transcript.

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