Any fast Graduate Certificates from prestigious colleges in liberal arts or

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  1. Afterhours

    Afterhours Member

    Social sciences? Theology is fine too. Less expensive the better. No loans for certificates. No financial aid.

    I was thinking of Princeton Theological Seminary for my husband. (Birthday gift) However, they are not accepting apps until next year.

    Any ideas? No business or STEM. Thanks!
  2. Pugbelly2

    Pugbelly2 Member

    I think you're looking at quite a bit of money if you go for prestige. Dallas Theological Seminary has this Certificate of Biblical and Theological Studies | Dallas Theological Seminary (DTS) but you're looking at around $15,000 because it's 10 courses. Moody Bible Institute has these Graduate Certificates | Moody Theological Seminary but you're still looking at 24 semester hours, so the price tag will be high. Liberty University doesn't have the prestige you seek, but they're solid, reputable, and they have a ton of certificate programs available in the social sciences, bible, theology, etc. Look here Online Graduate Certificate Programs | Liberty University Online. Their certificate programs are only 9 hours (3 classes) and would be about $4500 for secular subjects, under $3000 for those issued by the seminary.
  3. novadar

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    Wow, I have never heard of a birthday gift like this. I am impressed.
  4. SteveFoerster

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    It definitely has amazement value, but I can't help but think that this is the sort of thing one should choose for oneself.
  5. major56

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    No doubt a prestige Brand, but not per se fast or economical...

    Harvard Extension School, Harvard University: Graduate-credit tuition is around $2,200 per course.

    Social sciences:

    Religious Studies and Education Certificate: Jointly sponsored by Harvard Divinity School and Harvard Extension School. Certificate requires five courses.
    Religion Studies & Education Certificate | Harvard

    Museum Studies Certificate: Four courses required to obtain a professional graduate certificate in museum studies.
    Museum Studies Certificate | Harvard Extension
  6. Afterhours

    Afterhours Member

    Yeah, I know. We are life long learners. It is an unusual birthday gift. But my husband is wonderfully nerdy and loves to study.

    I had to think of something interesting. Tickets to games and concerts were getting old. :)
  7. Afterhours

    Afterhours Member

    I thought so too! Princeton Theological Seminary is UNDER $500!!!

    He knows ancient Green, Hebrew, and two modern languages.

    He reads the Bible in other languages. So I thought this would be good. But a whole year? I mean until he can apply.

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