Antecedents to successful DE programs

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    Well, when I am at a loss for ideas I turn to the the experts... I'm looking for any published/unpublished articles dealing with determinants/antecedents to implementing successful DE programs in college/university settings. I've seen some involving professional environments, but my have had limited success on the academic side of things. Any help is, of course, appreciated!

    TEKMAN Semper Fi!

    First of all, what is DE program? Doctor of Engineering?
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    Hah. I was hoping the OP meant Distance Education.

    Unfortunately, TEKMAN points out the ambiguity of the acronym. :)

    Now, we need clarification from the OP on what DE is referring to.

    If it is distance education, we might want to figure out all of the terms that are synonymous to distance education, as that might help the original poster to find more information, by using varying search terms. Alternatively, we may know of some databases that have the type of content looked for.

    If Doctor of Engineering, then it would basically be the same type of thing, try to find more synonymous terms and suggest databases that may have the content looked for.
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    Ha, I was referring to Distance Education... Sorry for the confusion. In particular, I'm trying to find information surrounding what kinds of factors have been considered when an institution decided to implement (successfully or not) a distance ed program.

    TEKMAN Semper Fi!

    Well, I am not an expert in the subject. However, you might want to start with looking closer to: technology (contents delivery), resources (materials), and institutional reputations. In other cases, you also need to look at marketing cause why would people not attending University of Florida, but attending University of Phoenix, Ashford University, and such.

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