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    At first blush: Looks kinda' creepy to me... but that's just after a very cursory examination. If I dug-in to the web site deeper, had more time to do so, and actually gave a darn, maybe I'd find that my first blush was mistaken.
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    Maybe just maybe you will revisit you other posts and your first blush maybe mistaken.

    maybe i'm working on my English skills a little harder and practicing here :)

    In any case when you are calm, think about it.
    Thats all.

    The one and only.

  4. Lerner

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    Ansted University is established in the British Virgin Islands


    The accreditation page is unprofessional and maybe deliberatly confusing.

    the talk about AACSB and a list of accredited schools that accept their degrees.

    To me it looks like diploma mill.

  5. kcfile

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    Is this university internationally accredited? Another degree mill?
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    This from our data base, among much else, none of it very reassuring:

    "Founded by Prof. Sir. Dr. Roger Haw, the website is registered in Malaysia, but it claims degree granting authority from the British Virgin Islands. ANSTED stands for “A Nobel (sic) System of Technology for Education Development” The school claims to have been given “fullest support and endorsed” by a United Nations representative...."
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    "Prof. Sir Dr. Roger Haw"?

    I know that sometimes people are referred to as "Dr Dr Dr So-and-so" on this forum but that is ridiculous.

    But it gets worse at the Ansted site

    The current president, a Joy Beaudette Cripps is
    and also mentioned in a newsletter as


    I see they both subscribe to the same school of title display.

    But it gets even worse in a newsletter (but not on their site) .


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  9. Denver

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    “In 2000 he was appointed by the World Human Right Service Council to the United Nations to serve as a Goodwill Ambassador and Diplomat for the Sovereign State of Mind, the Conch Republic…”

    According to the site, the Conch Republic’s goal is “the mitigation of world tension through the exercise of humor”.

    I’m sorry, I just have to say it – haw, haw, haw.
  10. John Bear

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    I haven't compared the wording, but all of this stuff is very reminiscent of the outpourings of Professor Sir Dr. Rev. Egbert Phipps, Cosmonaut and Baron of Minsk.

    Is it possible that Lord Phipps has transmogrified into Lady Cripps?
  11. galanga

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    Excuuuuuuse me!

    Recall that the March 22, 2002 graduating class of St. Luke School of Medicine is this:

    Stephen J. Arnett, M.D.
    Brenda C. Arnett, M.D.
    Herbert W. Winstead, M.D.
    Edwin Muniz, M.D.
    Thomas J. Mulvi, M.D.
    Egbert G. Phipps, M.D.
    John E. Curran, M.D.

    So that would be Lord Dr. Phipps (or is Dr. Lord Phipps??)!!
  12. John Bear

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    I asked John Walsh of Brannagh about this. One of his specialties, as an attorney, is nobiliary law. His reply:

    "I remember Richard the King of Hay writing to me some years ago. I wrote back to advise that if he had declared himself King on English soil (Hay is in England) he may well be guilty of treason and could be hanged, drawn and quartered. Never heard from him again. They must have written this as a joke. Re USA noble title orders - obviously have never read the United States Constitution."

    (Incidentally, Walsh of Brannagh and, indeed, everyone else on Norfolk Island is blocked from using DegreeInfo. I've asked why at regular intervals for about two years, but no response.)
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    If I can recall that I had ever received some flyer Billionaire Network Sdn Bhd offering Trinity College and inside Roger was named and now Anstead.
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    I always though Ansted was a beer.


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    Note to Learner: In one post you whinge at DesElms for saying it's creepy. In the very next post you say (rightly) that it's a less-than-wonderful. Do you see how this sort of thing causes people to think that either there are two of you, or that you're an agent provocateur (troll), or very confused?

  16. Guest

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    Is this some kind of a record?:D
  17. uncle janko

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    Maybe. Whatever happened to Doc Trudy?
  18. JamesK

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    What I especially like (or dislike as the case may be) is that everytime the name is mentioned, every title needs to be included - certainly pads out the page. Surely just mentioning it once and then choosing some choice title is sufficient (like everyone else does).
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    Somewhere among all those titles is a name!
  20. Tom H.

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    I took a second look and ... wow, I think you're right. Good call!!

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