Another new AACSB DBA Program

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    “Jacksonville University announced Monday its Davis College of Business will start offering a Doctorate in Business Administration degree in fall 2014.”

    “Classes will be held Friday afternoons and Saturdays. The program will comprise 12 classes, written and oral exams and a dissertation. “

    “Students will attend classes part-time, Capener said. He said half of the assignments can be researched and completed online. “

    JU to offer doctorate in business administration

    TEKMAN Semper Fi!

    Good find, Dr. Rene! I bet the program costs at least in the $60K in tuition.
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    JU DBA is not cheap. Program is not completely online. Classes are held bi-monthly on Friday afternoons and Saturdays

    Total Tuition: $87K

    All accepted candidates are expected to pay the full $27,000 for the year prior to June 1 st , 2014 to ensure space in the DBA program.

    Tuition, books, and on campus meals are included in the annual costs below

    First Year: $27,000
    Second Year: $27,000
    Third Year: $27,000

    For more info contact:

    AnnaMaria Murphy at 904-245-7426 or [email protected]

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