Another 'Irish' wonder - Ballmore Irish Unversity

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    :rolleyes: Oy!

    From its ridiculous accreditation page:
    • Accreditation

      Various “global” higher education accreditation agencies exist but none of them is recognized by any sovereign government and the value of belonging to them is extremely doubtful. Most experts on nontraditional education are of the opinion that membership of such agencies is a stigma rather than an achievement. On the other hand, experts admit that there are unaccredited universities of value. As a matter of policy, we will not apply to self-styled international bodies who claim to ‘accredit’ universities

      The BIU fully accredited as a degree grating institution with Accreditation Agency for European Non Traditional Universities.

      AENTU Link
    On a Tripod web site, no less! Man... and to think that someone's gonna' actually fall for this! It boggles the mind.
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    And this one seems to be run from India by Gandhi Mageiswari, c/o S.Ganesan, 19/1 Norton Road, Second Floor, Chennai 600 028 IN

    Carter and Ballmore, both run from India, and claiming to be somewhere else that doesn't worry much about what is done there. Can this be a pattern?
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    madras, apparently
  5. George Brown

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    If they make a good vindaloo, I'll forgive 'em both!!! :D



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