Another head-scratching name change: Notre Dame de Namur University

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  1. John Bear

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    The College of Notre Dame, here in northern California, has been doing a fine job for 150+ years. But when they felt the stirrings to univertize themselves, they could not go for "Notre Dame University," since some guys in Indiana did that. So they took the full name of the order that founded them, and, as of a couple of weeks ago, are Notre Dame de Namur University. Thus they may have become the only American school with two words of ambiguous pronounciation in their name, if we don't count the real (but secret) name of DQ University.
  2. ahchem

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    Unlike some of the other name changes that have been happenning lately, there is at least some logic to this change. Using the very real and historical name of their founding order seems much better than being named after greek mythology (Argosy) or a starship from one of the Star Trek Movies (Excelsior). [​IMG]

    Being a resident of California myself, I have always done a double take every time that I have run across Notre Dame College. It is nice that they are working to reduce that confusion.

  3. Ulrich Bozzo

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    In 1831 the Jesuits set up Notre-Dame de la Paix University in Namur(Belgium).

    In 1851 the sisters of Notre Dame de Namur(Belgium) founded the College of Notre Dame in California.

    In 2001 College of Notre Dame becomes Notre Dame de Namur University.

    In 2021 ...

    Who will win the race? The girls or the boys?

    Dear Dr Bear,

    Notre Dame de Namur is not very difficult to pronounce,at least not more difficult than the pronounciation of Dr Bear.Should I say Dr Budweiser or Dr Plantigrade? I don't know.


    PS Don't try to pronounce my first name and my surname.I myself am not able to pronounce them.

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