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    Before the "school" disappeared from the internet, Hoyer was listed in Summit University's literature as a "distance learning provider" through the Environmental and Safety Institute, at which he was the director. I've been unable to find any other information on this "institute", but its coursework was pre-approved for credit at Summit at all levels up through Ph.D.

    His is the book that states 10 of the top 20 distance learning degree programs are unaccredited. I once challenged him on a bulletin board he was spamming to reveal his association with any of the unaccredited programs, and whether such association was disclosed in the book. He declined to reply.

    There was also an interesting post, in the middle of the factwatcher barrage, made by one rhoyer at an AOL account, attempting to cast suspicion for the attack on the author of yet another distance learning book.

    This is an interesting character, to say the least.

    Bill Gossett

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