Another Fake Maga attack

Discussion in 'Political Discussions' started by Phdtobe, Feb 17, 2019.

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    The story was questionable from the beginning. It's Chicago; there aren't many Trump supporters there. How many people in MAGA hats would be out in sub-zero temperatures at 2am? How many Trump supporters even watch Empire and know enough about Jussie Smollett to know that he's gay? And, to recognize him in the middle of the night and be ready with bleach and a noose? I'm not a chemist, but I believe temperatures were cold enough for bleach to freeze.

    He waited over 30 minutes to call the police and kept the noose around his neck the entire time. His manager claimed to be on the phone with him during the attack, and he didn't call the police either. Initially, Smollett and the manager refused to turn over their phones to CPD.

    The sad thing is that real hate crimes against ethnic and religious minorities have been rising over the past couple of years, and hate crimes against gay and transgender people have always been high. This only makes it harder for people to be believed.

    I think there's something mentally wrong with him, and he was trying to make himself relevant because his time on Empire is coming to an end. Now, his career is ruined forever.

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