And the worst University Profs are......

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    I found this news on one of my Compuserve pop-ups. I found it interesting.

    "The College With the Worst Profs Is...

    By Cathryn Conroy, CompuServe News Editor
    ...the University of Toronto. At least that's the finding of the latest edition of the Princeton Review, which has just published its 2003 edition of "The Best 345 Colleges" in which it ranks schools in 63 somewhat unusual categories. What makes the Princeton Review unique--and controversial--is that it relies on the survey results of just over 100,000 college students. Following are the No. 1 rankings in selected categories:

    I Only Want the Best
    Most Academic Bang For the Bucks: Rice University
    Best Academics Overall: Northwestern University
    Best Profs: Washington and Lee University
    Worst Profs: University of Toronto
    Toughest College to Get Into: Stanford University
    All I Ever Do Is Study!
    Students Never Stop Studying: United States Air Force Academy
    Students Hardly Ever Study: University of Colorado, Boulder
    The Smiley Face Factor
    Happiest Students: Vassar College
    Best Campus Dorms: Boston University
    Best Campus Food: Washington University
    Animal House
    Top Party School: Indiana University
    Best Frat & Sorority Scene: Clemson University
    Reefer Madness: Clemson University
    They Never Wear Togas Here
    Stone Cold Sober School: Brigham Young University
    Most Religious School: Brigham Young University
    They Don't Inhale: Georgia Institute of Technology"



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