Analyzing Literature vs Humanities

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  1. aruss

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    I need to clep one more class and I don't have much time. I was thinking about Humanities or Analyzing & Interpreting Literature. Which one would be easier to prep for quickly? I have to take the general GRE in a couple of weeks and my focus really needs to be on that right now. Would the Literature one help me a little more for prepping for the GRE? Please help. Thank you.
  2. Randell1234

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    Does it have to be a 6 credit CLEP? If so, I would go with Analyzing & Interpreting Literature. If it can be a 3 credit, go with History I or CLEP Sociology. I read the REA study guide once and past these. If it can be something other then CLEP, go with DANTES Here’s to you Health, Intro to Business, Intro to Computing, Intro to Criminal Justice, or Intro to Law Enforcement. They were all easy and I past them without any study.
  3. PonyGirl93

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    I haven't taken Humanities yet, but I just took the Analyzing Lit test yesterday, and if you're generally good at reading comp it's a breeze. I finished in only 40 min. with a 74. It's also more credit than Humanities.

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