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  1. Stanislav

    Stanislav Well-Known Member

    More to the point, I believe the degree's utility in the private sector is not any worse than that of the lower-tier RA doctorates; probably better than Phoenix and Capella because of the bad publicity. Anaheim is also for-profit, but how many people hearing it`s name would know about it?
  2. FTFaculty

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    Sometimes there's a real advantage to being unknown. UoP or Walden may not be on the level of the average state university, but a doctorate from there is certainly more than merely checking off some boxes and going through the motions; it demonstrates some academic competence and the ability to do some things pretty far up Bloom's Taxonomy. Yet, the reputation of such places is such that around here, profs would absolutely sneer at someone who got a doctorate from there. But a place like Anaheim might make them furrow their brows and conclude it was likely some smaller nonprofit liberal arts college that had added graduate programs and was at least somewhat legitimate. Like a degree from a UK university in the US. Unless it's Oxbridge or LSE, the average U.S. academic likelydoesn't know much about the school's reputation. So Warwick (pretty well equivalent to Cornell or Georgia Tech) would be regarded on the same level as Bolton (maybe a step above UoP).
  3. Stanislav

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    Honestly, I'd be impressed by a person with any accredited doctorate, but absent more information, I'd be more impressed with Walden, or Capella, and even UoP than Anaheim. Yet the world doesn't work this way.
  4. RFValve

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    It depends what you want to do with it. If you are a salesman with an DEAC MBA and want the DBA to pursue a sales manager position, it might work as few people would bother to check DEAC vs RA etc.

    The same for someone that wants to be a trainer, a DBA might give you some edge as some training companies like to send people with Dr titles to customers. Many people that I know in training get religious based PhDs or non ranked PhDs so they can put PhD in a business card and in a power point presentation so they can impress the audience. I know someone with a PhD from the University of Sedona in Business Metaphysics that does business training with the PhD title and works for him.

    There is a market out there for cheap no name unranked DBAs or PhDs. A professor from India might need a promotion and perhaps a DEAC degree might work for this person.

    However, for academia, the first thing people ask you is a copy of your transcript. If the DBA is not at least RA accredited or foreign equivalent, it won't work for even adjunct positions.

    Can I use it to teach at the CC level where the MS is the minimum requirement? I am not sure if a hiring committee would put too much weight in a DEAC DBA but it cannot hurt for sure but I am not sure if the person would actually get a better salary because the DBA or if it would affect the perception of the hiring committee other than giving the impression that the person is motivated to learn and decided to go with this school because low budget.
  5. RFValve

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    I hold degrees from the UK and Australia and the very first thing a school ask for a teaching position is a WES report. IF the school is not RA equivalent, then the degree has no use. The same for US degrees, if the transcript states that the school is not RA, you will not be taken into consideration.
    Many people adjunct and work as full time faculty with Walden, Capella or UoP degrees. When I was working at Walden, my chair had degrees from UoP and he was doing a good job. The thing is that a degree from these institutions normally lead to jobs in similar institutions.

    I would do Anaheim for a second doctorate, if I have already a RA Doctorate in Computer Science but want to show some competency in Business, then the Anaheim DBA might work mainly because low cost. The curriculum looks decent so in practice the knowledge you get is not that far from schools like Walden or UoP.
  6. AJ_Atlanta

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    Might work? Of course it would work. Most people don't understand anything about accreditation (or care) and only know ivy league / A list schools / everything else.

    People on this board are very focused on teaching positions and that is very different from the rest of the world
  7. Stanislav

    Stanislav Well-Known Member

    A lot of Americans can lead their entire careers and not care about what WES Canada thinks. BTW, by recent experience - WES Canada offers some of the worst customer service in existance. There is no way to contact them and receive any kind of answer. I'd suggest you never use their services, but it's not much of an option, is it? (there are only 2 credential evaluation agencies active in Ontario - WES and UoT Assessment Services; many organizations only accept WES. This stinks.)

    If I do the second doctorate it'd likely be from Heriot-Watt, because if I do that I'd do it with a full-time academia job in mind. I can see how Anaheim could do the trick for some, especially at a reasonable price.
  8. FTFaculty

    FTFaculty Well-Known Member

    Having worked several years in B2B sales, in my opinion the quickest route to sales management has nothing to do with education level and everything to do with establishing a decent track record in sales (but not too good or you wouldn't be interested in management in the first place, you'll still be out there in the field selling and making the big bucks), having an appropriate corporate look (i.e., hair going silver in the right way) so you'll be someone a rep wants to have tag along to meetings with the upper management of the client, having a smooth talk track and, most importantly, being a good back-slapping bonhomie type whom the national sales managers from corporate HQ like to take along on the bar and strip club circuit when they fly into your branch. That's the way I saw it work, more or less.
  9. RFValve

    RFValve Well-Known Member

    I meant WES USA not Canada. In Canada, most Universities do not care about WES reports and do their own evaluations. I am almost certain than Anhaim will do poorly in Canada for anything either an industry job or academic job. I have a friend that has a DBA from Argosy, he could not even land an adjunct position in TO and just training jobs were offered to him. He works at a bank now but he had to do a CPA as the DBA wouldn't cut it.

    I have adjunct to many schools in the US and the WES report has been always what they ask for the hiring. If the Doctorate and Masters are RA equivalent, most of the times they offer you something.

    I know most people here feel that we are teaching oriented but most graduates degrees mainly serve you to become faculty. For regular jobs, the BS is more than enough at least for technical jobs and the MBA needed only if you have a non management BS degree or if you have technical background and want a managerial position.

    DBAs from DEAC schools seem to be attract mainly people that want the Dr title for some reason but understand that the degree will not be respected in the academic world.
  10. SteveFoerster

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    I've done corporate training for sales organizations, and basically agree with this. A doctorate will do nothing at all for you in sales, including promotion to sales management.
  11. novadar

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    There are 18 other NACES member firms that perform foreign credential evaluations. Several with track records as long as WES. In my experience US Universities are generally open to evaluations from virtually any of these firms. Just pointing out that WES is not the end all, be all.

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  12. Stanislav

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    Why would anyone send an American degree to WES USA?
    I feel that getting into teaching in Toronto is about who you know, and with right connection Argosy could suffice. I'm talking about colleges - universities (UofT, York, Ryerson) are looking for more prestigious credentials, and quite a bit of a record on top of it. I am not competitive for these jobs, and my degree is RA/ABET. Canadian market is quite a bit tighter than American one, and even in US DEAC degree won't fly in most four-year schools.

    There are relatively few instances where the doctorate is directly applicable in business. There are positions that require top notch technical skills, like quant analysts in finance. Ed Clark (former CEO of TD Bank Group) has a PhD from Harvard. Naturally, these positions are filled from top schools or really strong STEM programs. Someone can aspire to become some kind of a guru (efficiency, marketing, training, consulting...) and use a doctorate to boost credibility - then dissertation topic becomes important. Or - a person uses a doctorate to impress peers. DEAC doctorate might well suffice in some of these situations, but is not really useful as a general career boost.
  13. Stanislav

    Stanislav Well-Known Member

    Lucky. In Canada there are about 6 firms total, and in many situations it's WES only. They became quite awful to deal with because of that. To be fair, just like in US, evaluations matter mostly for professional regulators and government jobs. I got my evaluation right after I came here in 2008, and the first employer who asked for it was federal government.

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