An unaccredited entity paired with a "medical school"

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    This is worrisome. In addition to events concerning the St. Luke School of Medicine, there is another unaccredited degree-granting organization that has coupled itself to an entity whose web site indicates that it is a medical school. Here is more information.

    Breyer State's accreditation comes from three unrecognized agencies. There is the Central States Consortium of Colleges and Schools which is contained inside the American Institute of Health Care Professionals. The "executive director" of AIHCP is Dominick Flarey, the BSU president.

    In addition, there is the International Commission For Higher Education that accredits a handful of unwonderful operations. (Fewer than before: several of the defunct Saint Regis branches are no longer listed.)

    Finally there is the Accreditation Governing Commission-USA which lists Richard Hoyer as its chief accrediting commissioner.

    Breyer State now displays a private school license from Alabama.

    BSU is "an official affiliate of the University of Science, Arts and Technology, Montserrat, British West Indies..." The BSU site informs visitors that "After graduation from the Breyer State University Pre-Medicine degree program with a GPA of 3.0 or higher, graduates will be allowed to take the medical school entrance examination provided by the medical schools in Montserrat. Students who successfully pass the entrance examination will be admitted into the medical schools."

    Let's take a look at the University of Science, Arts and Technology.

    USAT lists no faculty on its faculty page, though we are told that "all faculty of the University hold the highest qualification in their respective field."

    Some USAT operations take place at the "Medical College of London" whose coordinates are given as "Medical College of London, P.O. Box 421, Chatham, Kent, UK, Postcode ME4 3AZ." The USAT web site says "UK PROGRAM LOCATIONS -Classes for the MD and other academic programs are conducted at Suite 505, 107 Fleet Street, Central London, UK, Postcode EC4A 2AB, Tel: 01634-324-007."

    Let's see what the UK's Royal Mail thinks is at EC4A 2AB. Here's the list:

    Capital City Media, Ludgate House 107-111, Fleet Street, LONDON, EC4A 2AB
    I Directory Co UK Ltd, Ludgate House 107-111, Fleet Street, LONDON, EC4A 2AB
    Lawson Bishop Financial, 107-111, Fleet Street, LONDON, EC4A 2AB
    M W B Business Exchange, 107-111, Fleet Street, LONDON, EC4A 2AB
    Telestaff plc, Ludgate House 107-111, Fleet Street, LONDON, EC4A 2AB
    Turners, Ludgate House 107-111, Fleet Street, LONDON, EC4A 2AB
    1st Applied Translations Ltd, Ludgate House 107-111, Fleet Street, LONDON, EC4A 2AB

    That's it, no "Medical College of London." Here is an aerial photo of that part of London.

    The building at 107 Fleet Street is owned by MWB BusinessExchange. (There's a picture at the link.) It "offers well-appointed business accommodation and first class meeting and conference facilities... The offices are situated on the mezzanine and 1st - 6th floors and are available individually or as suites." So it is possible that enough space is rented to offer classes. However, there is no information on the site that I can find about what courses are actually taught, except for a general description of the duration of the "program."

    USAT explains that it "is affilaited with the University of Health Sciences, the Open International University, Sri Lanka, Breyer State University, and others" and that "The University is accredited by the Central States Consortium of Colleges and Schools for Higher Education in the USA, the European Medical Association, the American Naturopathic Medical Association, UNESCO, ISO 9000, and numerous additional professional organizations, and is listed with the International Medical Education Directory (IMED) under Montserrat." CSCCS is Dominick Flarey's operation.

    Note the USAT domain name: "" with mcl standing for "Medical College of London." The domain registration is this:

    Medical College of London
    Registrant's Address:
    39 Sandling Way
    ME4 3AZ

    That postal code corresponds to addresses on Sandling Way, running from 1 to 51. This is a postal code for St. Mary's Island, about 25 miles east of central London. Here is an aerial photo of the address.

    The UK's Department for Education and Skills does not list the Medical College of London as a recognised degree-granting institution.

    It would be good if someone in London could pay a visit to that Fleet Street address to see what's really going on in Suite 505, and how much space is available. The USAT site says that a parge number of courses are taught there.

    It seems quite possible that USAT is not where we would like to see our family physicians trained.
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    That they are supposedly hooked up with the Montserrat school is sort of funny. People are off of that island due to the volcano eruption so there are still some people on the island but it isn't where you would want to be.

    Here is the UHAT's recognition by IMED, the group that oversees med school listings of offshore schools to the US

    Your work is excellent. I was in London in January and found 8 or 9 of these schools squatting. I have been pushing the English government (Department of Education) and GMC (licensing board) to do something about these schools that are not chartered yet squatting in the UK. They are putting their students in NHS hospitals.....everyone in a white coat looks the same.

    By the way look up the education background of the owner of this school, Dr Arnett...he has some 'interesting' diplomas. His 'corporate' headquarters in Kentucky is a ranch house in the country apparently.

    Stephen J. Arnett, M.D., N.M.D.

    Vice President, St. Luke School of Medicine,

    Director, Public Relations, Student Loan Programs, and Director of Alternative Education and Research

    President, Southern Graduate Institute of Naturopathic Medicine, Kentucky

    Doctor of Medicine, Far Eastern University, Manila, Philippines

    M.D. (M.A.), Open International University for Complementary Medicine, Sri Lanka

    Diplomate, National Board of Naturopathic Examiners

    Senior Professor of Naturopathic Medicine: Alternative Medicines Research Institute, Vancouver, B.C., Canada; Clayton College Natural Health, Birmingham, Alabama

    Indian Board of Alternative Medicine, Calcutta, India MD (AM)

    Whoops, he used to be with the now famous St. Luke.

    If anyone is in England, please go and take a picture of their england campus for us all.

    dean hughson
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    One feels um ill. Despite the stupid decision to deport 200 Montserratians from the US as homeland security risks (while hundreds of thousands of illegals stream in from larger countries to which we are servile), I simply cannot believe that in the small area of Montserrat which is habitable, and in light of Montserrat's status as a British dependency, and in light of what little infrastructure exists on Montserrat, that there is any university with or without a medical school on the island. This entity claims a business license and a location in Olveston, but says on its website that nothing happens there. I'll bet.
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    Arnett, again

    More about Arnett is here too. In that thread it is pointed out that Arnett is a 2002 graduate of St. Luke.

    In one of the links in Dean's post, the "contacts" info includes

    FALCON, KY 41426
    +606-349-1660 (phone)
    +606-349-1660 (fax).

    Let's look at what else is there:There are a lot of connections out there. Arnett seems to be a fellow whose MD degree is of the same general flavor as Richard Hoyer's.
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    Re: Arnett, again

    You have to admit that it was good thinking for the board to give itself all MD degrees. The problem is none can license I would imagine.

    What we are finding is that the cesspools of these type of operations are interlinked in some ways. They get shutdown,they go on to another operation. Dean
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    Lady Memorial Medical College Information Office is a laser hair-removal business

    Here is more information concerning that entirely suspect Medical College of London - University of Science, Arts, and Technology duck-like entity said to be various places (Montserrat, Kent, London, St. Petersburg,...).

    The list of affiliations on the linked page, above, says this:
    Let's Google-search for "Lady Malina Memorial Medical College." There are six hits: three on the Breyer State site, two on the MCL-USAT site, and one in a cache of a page of (advertising) links that includes one to the MCL site. That's it.

    Imagine that, a medical school in the western hemisphere with no internet presence. Looser searches such as <"Lady Malina" Medical> yield the same result. A search for "Lady Memorial Medical" gives only one hit, to the MCL-USAT page.

    So the "Lady Malina Memorial Medical College" probably does not exist.

    But there's a phone number, so let's see where else we might find it. Google, again... bingo, it's here, at the "New Millenium Healthcare, Inc." spa:
    On New Millenium's contact page we learn this:
    D.C. is probably "Doctor of Chiropractic." I wonder where his MPH and DrPH degrees are from.

    So we have a hair-removal guy running the Florida piece of the Medical College of London. That's really neet.

    And these are the appendages dangling from the Alabama-licensed Breyer State.

    This is nuts.
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    You seem to be intimately connected with MCOL or appear to possess facts and information not readily avalilable to others, so please give us some more facts. Answer these questions specifically and cite your sources, please. Thank you.

    "I read with dismay the falsified comments made by Galanga about Montserrat and the Medical College of London."

    What "falsified comments?" Please, dlmed, point to specific statements in Galanga's thread-starting post (above) that in your opinion, are "falsified."

    "There are 3 medical schools licensed in Montserrat. Why pick on only one ?"

    Could it be, perhaps, as stated by the assiduous research guru, Galanga, that "The UK's Department for Education and Skills does not list the Medical College of London as a recognised degree-granting institution."?

    "Medical College of London is fully registered and accredited."

    Where is this information listed? If MCOL is indeed "accredited," is the "accrediting"entity or agency a legitimate one? Could you provide evidence of such?

    "Galanga's comments are innacurate ....
    So far, you have provided not one whit of evidence of this.

    "You will not use Degreeinfo to post any material which is knowingly false and/or defamatory, inaccurate, abusive, vulgar, hateful, harassing, obscene, profane, sexually oriented, threatening, invasive of a person's privacy, or otherwise violative of any law.')"

    Degreeinfo's TOS is beautifully written! I, however, fail to see where Galanga's post is in violation of such.

    Maybe after you post more definitive proof of the falsehoods that you allege have been knowingly made, you can greatly help me to change my mind (and that of other members and contributors), and more importantly, the mind(s) of the Moderator(s).

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    medical college of london

    The licensing authorities of England, GMC, have concerns about this school

    In addition students should be aware that major licensing problems can be anticipated by anyone enrolling in something this shaky.
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    The information published on the Breyer State University stating an affilation on their website is being published without the medical school's permission. They have written asking it to be removed, but Breyer still has not complied. The next step is a law suit.
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    heart breaks

    It is grotesque to read that the medical eductional system seems to be hijacked by some bad actors.

    It is grotesque to read that someone would award themselves a medical degree.

    It is grotesque to think someone that is not qualified would portray themselves as being an MD.

    It is grotesque (my new line of thinking) that someone can earn an ONLINE MD DEGREE or hell, even BUY one.

    Shame on those that cannot honor such a wonderful profession.

    WHERE IS DEAN HUGHSON when you need him?
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    either way

    Show me ANY graduate of UHAT that is licensed or in a residency. These online schools have major credibility problems with state,provincial, and GMC licensing groups.
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    I would kindly ask Dean Hughson if the University of Sciences, Arts and Technology Montserrat is licensed by the government of Montserrat and British authorities to conduct medical programs. I understand that even though they have not received recognition by the WHO, they are recognized by IMED, so graduates can sit for medical licensure in the United States. Any additional information here is greatly appreciated.

    I will restate here that Breyer State University is falsly advertising they are affiliated with the medical school and have been asked to remove such claims.

    Any input here or emailed to me at [email protected] will be greatly appreciated. Thank you for any input.
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    The agency with responsibility for recognition and inspection in the area now is

    I'd suggest contacting them to verify UHAT's status. It has been widely reported in newspapers of problems in recognition due to Monserrat's status with the UK in terms of WHO and resultingly they apparently must get inspected and recognized b the agency, CAAM, which was setup by Caricom see

    I too have heard directly from UHAT that they have no relationship with Breyer State.
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    Re: recognition
  18. deanhughson

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    Re: Degrees of Harm

    That article is scary. It also makes me sad and mad. It's a shame that beautiful, young lady had to suffer because some idiot thinks he's qualified to treat people after he attended an online school for a few months run by another con man.

    It's also interesting to note that Arnett and Lammers both profess to be Christians, but don't seem to have any problem with lying, cheating and stealing.
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    Re: Re: Degrees of Harm

    Note that ARnette is the dean of UHT in Monserrat

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