An old timer, new to this forum! Help with college colors?

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    I'm 71 years old, mainly retired but still teaching part-time at NCSU and practicing criminal appellate law part-time. My son earned his Ph.D. in Linguistics at the University of Toronto, has taught for many years an dis now doing post-doc work in Amsterdam. My daughter just earned her Ph.D. in Linguistics at The Ohio State University. She is teaching linguistics at the College of Staten Island. My degrees include A.B. from Dickinson College, M.A. [theatre and TV production] [minus thesis] from the University of Maryland and my J.D. is from UNC-CH. I have taught at Mercersburg Academy, University of Maryland, University of Baltimore, King's Business College and North Carolina State University.

    In cleaning out the costume department of a community theatre, I found four beautiful Doctorate hoods. Two are Ph.D.s [dark blue velvet], one is a Doctor of Education [light blue velvet] and the last is a Doctor of Science or maybe Doctorate of Library Science [yellow velvet]. My question concerns the college colors in the linings.
    One Ph.D. hood lining is dark blue with one wide gold chevron. Is that Michigan, Kent State, U of Conn., or some other school? The second Ph.D. is gray with two small white chevrons. The D.Ed. is dark blue with one wide white chevron [Duke?]. The D. Sc. is a pure purple lining only, no chevrons.
    Each hood is well made, not a "made for the theatre costume piece," and each shows some wear. But, if I can learn which school goes with which hood, I can offer a bargain price either to my fellow faculty members at NCSU, my daughter's fellow faculty at CSI or someone online.
    My search online showed me the degree colors for the velvets, but the school color combinations have been elusive. Can anyone help me? Thanks.
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    Clarification to my introduction as a newby.

    While I am not currently teaching either face-to-face this semster or by distance education, I have taught introduction to theatre courses [at NCSU this summer], dramatic literature, acting, advanced acting, stage directing, persuasion, debate, public speaking and communication law since 1960 and qualified, by completing the teachers' course, to teach criminology for Phoenix online.

    I'm just offering my experience if you think I might help.

    Mr. Jack
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