An obscure metaphysical school with ASIC accreditation

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    Don't know about the school, but Weebly is good if you know how to supplement it or can't afford your own IT guy.
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  2. I explored the website and there seems to be a physical location.
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    This school is a degree mill. If you are basing your opinion solely on an alleged physical location (and I use that phrase carefully), then a lot is getting past you. It's a mill. Period.
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  4. I have to agree with you on this. Using Weebly Website Builder is a red flag for me.
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    I'm inclined to agree with Steve Levicoff!!! (Have I descended to that?)

    I'm unfamiliar with this school, but its website is horrible. Nothing to do with Weebly. Everything to do with how it says next to nothing about its programs, faculty or philosophy and devotes page after page to unconvincing talk about its legitimacy. Which suggests to me that the website's authors sensed an acute vulnerability there (they are probably right) and over-reacted by communicating it to prospective customers. Their homepage mentions the Barbados Accreditation Council over and over (without ever clearly saying that the thing is located in Barbados, that I could see) insisting that it doesn't need their approval since their school is DL only. The English text is strange and very poorly written, suggesting a non-native English speaker. The stuff about credential evaluation is incomprehensible and troubling. Apparently they are awarding life-experience degrees. They mention degrees up to the doctoral level.

    The only address that I saw was for something they call their "Bakersfield Testing Center". Is this school really based in California and not Barbados? It would probably qualify for a California religious exemption if it was, but would probably have to lose the secular degree titles and life-experience degrees.

    The address turns out to belong to something called Mesh Cowork. This is a location that assists entrepeneurs who are hoping to hatch start-ups. Among other things, it has meeting rooms that its members can use.

    Generally speaking, I'm much less inclined to judge a school on the stylistic features its website design than on the content of what it tells me.

    It doesn't contribute to ASIC's credibility as an accreditor, does it?
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    ASIC's "International Directory" shows the College of Metaphysical Studies as "interim accredited" and gives a Los Angeles address for it, listing it as a "USA" institution.

    The California BPPE has no record for it.

    The address that ASIC provides is

    1920 Hillhurst Avenue, Los Angeles, California, 90027

    This address appears to be a 'Box Brothers' store, a small retail firm that along with shipping and packaging services, also rents mail boxes.


    ASIC names the college's "CEO" as somebody named 'Magazine RichWell'.

    Which may or may not be this "hip hop" artist (how many people have, or use, that name?):
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    Name is slightly different - the "College of Inner awareness" bit. Other than similar field and pretentious aura , I doubt there's any connection. And only one has the ultimate distinction of being accredited by ASIC. Or run by a hip-hop artist.
    Then again, there was the European school - Swiss, maybe? - that featured DJ That Spooky Kid on the faculty. Our esteemed Dr. John Bear would remember that one, I'm sure. :)
  10. Neuhaus

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    Even within the UK the focus of ASIC is dramatically different from institutional accreditation as it is understood in the U.S.

    I can't tell whether ASIC is intentionally playing off of that cultural difference or if it was an unintended thing that simply resulted in mills seeking them out. Either way, I think it's been well established here that regardless of ASIC's intentions, their accreditation is certainly no proof that a school is in any way legitimate.
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  11. This certainly shows that ASIC accreditation in the United States is a Red flag.
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    Memory serves - but I had to look it up again. He was listed as Faculty by The European Graduate School in Saas Fee Switzerland. He has given lectures, demos etc. at quite a few universities. His birth name is Paul Miller and he is known as DJ Spooky, That Subliminal Kid. Interesting guy.

    Some info here:

    DJ Johann, That Septuagenarian Kid

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