An Interesting Non for Profit Doctorate Porgram

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    Here is something that I have found that I find interesting.
    Distributed Education Programs for Social Change - IOU Foundation

    The Intercultural Open University Foundation has claims connections and offices as follows:
    "Our international partners are the Universidad Azteca and the Universidad Central de Nicaragua... The Foundation maintains offices in both Spain and the USA"

    It claims to be a Not for Profit and a charity:" We are registered as a charitable educational foundation in the Netherlands and in the United States of America. "

    Has anybody heard of them?
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    Actually, I see that this has been covered indirectly in a recent thread that I had not seen.
    Universidad Central de Nicaragua\Universidad Azteca Accreditation
    If it legitmate as claimed, then it is a cheap masters or PhD. ten thousand Euros for a PhD is not very expensive. Of course, legitimacy does not necessarily mean industry acceptance and I suspect that it may be thought unusual, particularly for university employment. I don't think though, from what I have read, that anybody could claim that it is not a legitimate Doctorate.

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