An apparently-new American University of London, even worse than the last one

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    A correspondent writes that he has narrowed his PhD choices down to Kennedy-Western and American University of London. The latter, from the URL provided, seems to be a new one, at They state clearly that they are not a British university.

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    Address is a mail receiving service.
    And . . . the registered address is
    American University
    4400 Massachusetts Ave NW
    Washington, DC 20016-8001
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    there's a familiar name on the web site...

    Hi John,

    The full URL is and if you look here:

    you'll see that Richard J. Hoyer is present on the site recruiting staff for one of his projects. Since Mr. Hoyer is also the Executive Director of the International College of Homeland Security ( as well as Vice President of World Programs for the World Security Organization ( it could be that he is recruiting for these efforts. Or perhaps AUOL is opening up its own security school.


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