An apology to non-Christians and an incitement to Christians

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    Hi Bill,

    I'll tell Dave hello from you.

    I hope all is going well with you and your dissertation.
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    Uncle, uncle...with a mental attitude like yours, you'd have made a fine Jew.
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    Re: Re: An apology to non-Christians and an incitement to Christians

    To my eyes, this are all about crowning the king theologian on Degreeinfo, about who sets the agenda, about who defines the method, and about who is the discussion group's grand Imam.

    Then why demand sources and citations only to denounce their production? I can think of several occasions when disagreements in these threads weren't met with counter-arguments but were summarily dismissed with a scholarly name-drop. It's a cheap-ass game that everybody here plays.

    I don't think that Degreeinfo posts need to satisfy dissertation standards. Nor do I think that isolated secondary texts should be dismissed for that reason alone. Finally, does such a thing as a "severely outdated" theology text even exist? The ancients and medievals still have important things to say to us.


    Bill Dayson:

    You've made three claims.

    Why don't you show me the "several occasions" where I do not use "counter arguments."

    Why don't you show me where I "dismiss" the arguments of others just by dropping names instead of responding to those arguments.

    Why don't you show me where I reject the use of the "ancients and medievals" in argumentation and say instead that only the moderns are to be used.

    You've just made three claims, so now prove them.

    If you you do not, then who is acting like the grand Imam, and who is using "cheap ass" methods here?
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