Amount of Physics/Chemistry knowledge needed for DSST Principles of Physical Science?

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    2 related questions:

    1. Is the amount of Physics knowledge needed for the DSST Principles of Physical Science exam significantly less than for either of the 2 Algebra-based AP Physics exams?
    [This (academic) year, the College Board split their old AP Physics B exam into 2 exams -- AP Physics 1, Algebra-Based and AP Physics 2, Algebra-Based.]

    2. Is the amount of Chemistry knowledge needed signicantly less than for either the AP or CLEP Chemistry exams?​


    - Russell J
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    Here is the exam factsheet

    Here is a free study guide Principles of Physical Science DSST Study Guide -

    I've not taken the exam myself, however, I know the exam equivalency at TESC is coded as natural science, not physics, while AP Physics would be coded as physics and AP or CLEP Chemistry are coded as Chemistry. Logic would follow that it is much less. HTH
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    Given that this is only a 3-credit (ACE-recommendation) exam and 50% Physics and 50% Chemistry (1-1/2 credits each),
    it should cover much less Physics than the 2 4-credit AP Physics exams,
    and much less Chemistry than either the 8-credit AP Chemistry or 6-credit CLEP Chemistry exams.

    Thank you.

    - Russell J

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