American Psychological Association is officially endorsing same-sex marriage

Discussion in 'Off-Topic Discussions' started by BlackBird, Aug 5, 2004.

  1. Khan

    Khan New Member

    Unfortunately, debate ends when you invoke God on your side. Then I either have to debate whether there is a God or if so, whether he is on your side. The debate shifts to your beliefs and not on the facts of whether gay marriage would have any impact on society.
  2. BDev

    BDev New Member

    Khan, if you don't believe in God then why promote marriage? I believe they go hand-in-hand.

    DCV, I sincerely doubt that "He" lives in MA. And the fact that I said that marriage is God's instution is not childish. The real issue isn't whether or not I'm "tuned in"'s the fact that the U.S. is tuning Him out. ---->This thread isn't about this though, it's about the APA. We can take this issue up in another thread, if you'd like. Forgive me for straying from the topic.

    Concerning, the APA, I think there is going to be a battle because there are many in the mental health field that disagree with the stance that they have taken (APA members as well). Their motive is highly suspect.
  3. dcv

    dcv New Member

    Until god sees fit to stoop to an official position in the American governing system, I fail to see how suggestions such as "He should have the say so as far as who participates and who doesn't..." can be considered anything other than childish.

    I would be happy to take up this issue in another thread, but god should have the say so on whether we do or not. :) j/k
  4. bo79

    bo79 New Member

    Being gay is a lot lot being black. They are both minorities and are discriminated against. Also you would that coming from slavery black people would learn their lesson, and know better then to discrimanate against gays, but when you hear a lot of the homo-phobic songs produced by black rap artists I guess they have not.

    Just as you can not hide the fact that you are black. There is a lot of gay males out there can not hide the fact that they are gay because of their speech, body gestures, and way of walking.
  5. bo79

    bo79 New Member

    Yes it is his institution and it is such a fine institution that is really working so well. Yesterday I was watching a TV show where they were talking about a web site called, which is a web site where married people go to meet other married people for discreet encounters. The web site has over 210000 members and there is over 3000 people logging in the site everyday. So this is just another small example of what a fine institution marriage is.

  6. bo79

    bo79 New Member

    Re: I do....

    HA HA HA!!!! Are you for real? What dose homosexuality have to do with beastiality? Your comparing apples and oranges here.
  7. bo79

    bo79 New Member

    I find that comment very offensive. Gay couples couples work just as hard for their employers as straight couples do. So why should they not get the same benefits.
  8. JoAnnP38

    JoAnnP38 New Member

    I get really offended by people who read something into my post that is simply not there. Earth to Bo -- hysterical much?
  9. bo79

    bo79 New Member

    I'm sure that I am not the only person that interpreted your comment the way I did. Also if you want to talk about Employer Benefit Plans there are a lot of other issues out there that are causing it a bigger burden then same sex marriage. Like horny straight couples that are having 4 or more children.
  10. se94583

    se94583 New Member

    and so the APA continues it's march to irrelevance... letting PC issues dictate their agenda rather than what they were created to do.
  11. Khan

    Khan New Member

    I don't promote it or discourage it. I'm married and love it but it doesn't work for everyone. People seem to take it more like a really long date these days. It can end whenever they want.
    I also couldn't care less who else is married and what sex they are. Life is too short to spend worring about what others are doing in their love life.
  12. Dennis Ruhl

    Dennis Ruhl member

    I think people having large families is wonderful. Haven't you heard that there is a looming shortage of taxpayers to support me in my old age. Breed people, breed.
  13. JoAnnP38

    JoAnnP38 New Member

    In that case I'm sure you won't mind pointing out using MY words how it is that I said:

    1) That gay couples don't work are hard as straight couples
    2) That gay couples don't deserve the same benefits

    I'm for gay marriage, but I don't think we need someone so hysterical that they don't even take time to read what is written and then goes off half-cocked to argue a mistaken point. Like it or not it is going to cost us more as a nation when gay marriage is legally recognized. We can address that issue by raising taxes/premiums or reducing the benefits for all. Its an issue that we will have to be dealt with sooner or later.

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