American Propio Degree Program?

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    I say "propio" tongue-in-check since that isn't a North American term, but it appears the setup is similar:

    They are using very similar terms like what we've seen used outside North America with top-up and propio programs in the UK and EU respectively. Words like "University accredited" to denote being "accredited" by one or more parent schools rather than an accrediting organization:

    "MTI is a national provider of inexpensive and university-accredited K-12 teacher professional development for salary advancement, state re-certification, and continuing education credits."

    I'm not sure how they're justifying the use of the words "nationally accredited":

    "Nationally and Regionally Accredited through Colorado State University-Pueblo, these degrees are the most affordable, convenient, and unique program available, ANYWHERE!"

    If I'm understanding this correctly (and correct me if I'm wrong), you take the courses with this school, and you get a degree from one of the accredited parent schools they have partnerships with.

    *Note: No, I'm not looking to enroll here.
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    They lost all credibility with me when I scrolled to the bottom and saw “earn cash for referring a new customer.”
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    I also wrote "tongue-in-check" so perhaps I was influenced by that, lol.
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    They are clearly playing with terminology when they claim to be "nationally accredited" by their partners. When you click on "Learn more", they just offer profiles of their partners. There's no explanation of who is actually granting the degrees.

    As well, when I clicked through to a specific degree program, all I got was a selection of textbooks and prices.

    One wonders how many students they manage to get with a website and setup like this.
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    They're playing with the wording a bit, but most of this is not any different than Straighterline or with ACE-recommended credits that are accepted for transfer at university partners.

    The degree part makes me more nervous. It says they're in partnership with Colorado State University-Pueblo, but CSU-Pueblo's website only mentions continuing education for teachers available through MTI, not the "Master's Degree in Curriculum and Instruction" that MTI is claiming. I've only briefly skimmed though.
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