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    I need some feedback on a study book for the American Government CLEP. I had read some good things about the HaperCollins Outline Intro to American Government, yet when I went to the bookstore I also saw the AP series to American Government and Politics by Kaplan, Perterson's and Barron's. Has anyone had some recent experience with any of these books (or others) for the American Government CLEP? Thanks.
  2. alexn

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    I used the HarperCollins Outline for my exam. I scored a 68, which I am pleased with. The book will not cover EVERYTHING, but you should pass handily if you make a good faith effort to read through the book.

    Incidentally, it seems that most of the HarperCollins line of college course outlines are out of print now. Too bad. They are really well-written. It seemed that the Western Civ I CLEP came straight from the relevant HarperCollins book...
  3. Myoptimism

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    I used "Cliffs Quick Review American Government" and scored a 60. I don't know how long the Harper Collins book is, but the Cliffs book is more condensed than the other books you mentioned. It is easily readable in one or two nights.

    Good luck,
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  5. mboston

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    Thanks for the tips. I would rather study from a book. I can take the book around with me with greater ease.
  6. mboston

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    After looking around, I'm having a hrad time going with the HarperCollins. I seem to like the Cliff Notes Review for AP Government and Politics. It looks like it has eveything that's in the HarperCollins - and more, including practice tests. I'm wondering though, since there's been so much good said about the HarperCollins.
  7. mboston

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    I finally decided on the Barrons AP US Government and Politics. I wanted to use some old gift certificates I had and the bookstore had either that or the Cliff Notes. I sort of liked the layout of Cliff Notes better. jhowever, closer examination of the Barron's showed that they had a better index, better glossary and the key concepts of each chapter were listed. So it's time to study!

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