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  1. Mec

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    I'm looking for opinions of this school. I'd be interested in experiences while involved in the program and in the job market. Are they respected at all by employers?

    I see they are accredited but am concerned interviewers will look at you like this poor fool went to a pretend college on the internet, how quaint, bye bye -- if you ever got an interview to begin with...
  2. Bill Huffman

    Bill Huffman Active Member

    They are accredited through DETC which is a second rate but valid accreditting agency. Regional Accreditation (RA) is the best way to go. For example, classes taken at a DETC accredited school will probably not be transferable. If you are considering graduate work then you really must go RA. There are RA schools that offer distance learning opportunities.

    Something else that concerns me about this school is that right up to the day they got DETC accreditation they were claiming accreditation from a totally bogus accreditation agency. In my opinion, this shows gross dishonesty at the top levels of the organization.

    Students that go there though seem to think that it is okay.

    As far as how accepted the degree will be by employers? It's very difficult to say. Where I work the degree would be considered worthless. The resume wouldn't even make it out of human resources unless it indicated sufficient work experience to make up for not having a degree.
  3. PaulC

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    Bill, I'd be interested to know the company you work for.
  4. Bill Huffman

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    I'm a software engineer working at NCR, here in southern California. We do the R&D for a RDBMS called Teradata. Most of the largest databases in the world are using Teradata.

    Note: I am posting here for my own personal amusement. My views are not meant to represent the views of the company I work for.

    P.S. if you'd like the phone number for personnel then send me an email.

    Have fun,

    Bill Huffman, [email protected]

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