American Academy of Liberal Education (AALE)

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    I am trying to find out information about the American Academy of Liberal Education (AALE). I have visited their website and read the listing for them in Bears' Guide. Does anyone in the venerable DegreeInfo crowd know anything about this association?

    Tony Piña
    School of Education, La Sierra University
    & School of Education, CSU-San Bernardino
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    Just what Charles mentioned.
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    You may already know this, but here is everything I could dig up without much effort.
    They have accreditation relationships with several well known schools, including: Michigan State, Thomas Aquinas, U of Dallas, and Baylor. I believe all of them view AALE as a specialized accreditor rather than an institutional one, owing to the fact they all have regional accreditation. There was also talk of Rhodes and Claremont as possible candidates. I have no idea what happened to these schools in regard to this.
    AALE has also had some concerns expressed about their conservative political leaning.

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