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    Interesting enough, her younger sister has the same IQ, they've got a younger brother as well who is pretty smart as it seems he's excelling in the same fashion... I wonder how they 'got' there and if there are educational institutions that would accept them into early university or something like that...

    Link: Teen with Einstein's IQ taking 28 A-levels wants more support for gifted pupils (

    Link: Student, 17, with a higher IQ than Albert Einstein and Stephen Hawking who is taking 28 A-Levels calls for more support for gifted pupils as she admits teachers struggle to keep up with her (
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    This article is very long on the great number of subjects Mahnoor has completed and how many she is now studying at A-level.
    Not a word on what interests her most - or what she'd like to pursue at University level, or as an eventual career choice. That's what I'd really like to know. I don't think, somehow, that she's just a "track star."

    That said, "early university" has pretty well left the building. She'll be ready for traditional entry as soon as she's finished some of those A levels. and that will doubtless be quite soon.

    If she wants to make really rapid progress through University, perhaps an American distance program might suit. We've seen many be VERY flexible about age etc. for students of proven exceptional ability, such as Mahnoor has shown. We had one mentioned here with a Doctoral grad Mahnoor's age - 17. And maybe UK. I remember a Canadian boy of Chinese descent, who completed the Heriot-Watt distance MBA at 13.

    Mahnoor could definitely set some speed records at Uni. Whether that's what she wants, or if it would make her happy - I have no idea. I hope she and her parents can find the answer to that question.
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    That, to me, is Question #1. -- And it's the WHOLE test.
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    By completing the A-Level subjects, she'll be in an advanced placement/standing for her Bachelors, she'll have two years completed from the three and can take the final year or a top-up year to finish off whatever degree she's looking to complete. If I was in her shoes, I would do things differently, depending on what her goals are... I mean, she can do top-up bachelors, do UK level 6-7 diplomas and ladder/top up to masters of her choice.
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    No. She won't have two years completed. Likely not even one. UK A-levels are to get you INTO first year at a UK University. That's it. I think you may be conflating this with the blurb of some B-schools in London, (some of them sketchy) that sell expensive level 6+ diplomas and certs that will get you into a top-up at some place they have a contract with, e.g. Chichester U.

    UK A-levels WILL get you 30 credits at some American or Canadian schools - but not at home, AFAIK.

    I somehow think this girl's parents want their daughter to set some records - maybe it's seen as something to do with family honour, which is a big thing in their native land. I hope it works out well. Let's ALL hope.
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    UK A-levels are treated as AP (Advance placement) courses by some US schools. In UK these do not have an AP function. They are senior high school courses which are important in determining University admission -- to first year.

    And at NO UK University, does a student need anywhere near the 28 A-levels that Mahnoor is taking. "To get into Oxford or Cambridge, you would need 3 or 4 A-levels at Grade A, preferably with some at A+," from here:

    Quality over quantity.
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    Thanks for posting this. That's what I wanted to know. What makes Mahnoor tick and what is she interested in? I was not at all surprised to find her study partner is her Mom, and that one of her interests is classical music. A great thing, but "Hey, Mahnoor! Have you tried jazz? It's just as cerebral and plain Maybe get a horn... alto might be nice for you." :) I jest (a bit). She has lots of other interests and an active social life with her friends.

    She's interested in the brain - her own and those of others - and plans to be a doctor, working in brain-related medicine. She'll do fine. I liked her admission that it's her memory that's unique and it makes it easier for her to absorb a lot of info. Mahnoor knows how that works -- and so do I. Got a couple of such people in the family -- they're smart - plus, their memories help them a lot -- but not quite like Mahnoor's!

    She's exceptional. And appears exceptionally well-adjusted to, and enjoying her life of hyper-learning, other cerebral and cultural pursuits and socializing. I'm WAY less concerned than I was. Good luck to her -- although she probably won't need it
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