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    A scam currently being run from Florida through a business license in Mississippi. It appears to share some of the "talent" from the Trinity C&U crowd.

    There are many Almeda threads with additional information available through a search.
  3. Disciple

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    OK! I´ll search for it... thanks for your answer.
  4. roysavia

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    Definitely a scam. When you look at the Traditional Programs site there is no mention of courses, credit hours, faculty, requirements for admission/graduation, examinations, etc. This is often the case with most diploma mills.
  5. bgossett

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    The very page Roy mentions, Traditional Programs, defined Almeda as a scam the day Almeda debuted on the web. It originally described a non-existent affiliation with an RA university in California.

    Of course, back then, Almeda's campus was a strip-mall remailing service in Connecticut.
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