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    I just received a respond regard to Almadinah international university Ph.D programs :

    This programme has been granted approval to conduct the said programme by the Ministry of Higher Education Malaysia (MoHE) for the period 20/05/2010 to 19/05/2015 (KA11322).

    Both programmes are also in the process of getting Provisional Accreditation from the Malaysian Qualifications Agency (MQA). For your kind information, Provisional Accreditation is an initial phase of assessment towards achieving MQA Full Accreditation. It helps higher education provider (HEP) to achieve Full Accreditation provided it maintains quality and standard which has been stipulated during the assessment of Provisional Accreditation.

    However, this Provisional Accreditation does not mean fully accredited by MQA. The programmes will be assessed for full accreditation exercise (within the stipulated time given for the approval to conduct the study) once it is matured or when the first cohort of students are in their final year study.

    Kindly be informed that Malaysian Qualifications Register (MQR) is a register which is only meant for programmes and qualifications which have been fully accredited by MQA. Since both programmes are not yet fully accredited by the MQA, therefore they are not registered in the MQR.

    Hope the above clarification meets your requirement.
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    Good to know that you had received response from Malaysian Qualifications Agency, and i hope that you would be atleast satisfied that the said programmes are approved by the Ministry of Higher Education, Malaysia.
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    Expereince as a doctorate research student at mediu


    How has been your expereince ss a doctoral research student at MEDIU ?
    Please share with me thanks...

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