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  1. fadia

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    Hi everyone ,
    Well first I'm so thankful for this website and for everyone here ,you guys are awesome. I have a good news guy after few months looking for Doctorate program , I have been accepted in E.dD Program "one of top 100 school in U.S. "and I should start soon . But few days ago I read an article about almadinah international university online program they are offering Ph.d Online for total cost 7000 :popworm:$ if I am not mistaken . so after doing my math the Ed.D program will cost me about 25K and PhD at (MEDIU) under 10k in 2 years . advise me please .

    Al-Madinah International University » Fees For Ph.D

    Is almadinah international university accredited by U.S. Higher education for Ph.d Program?

    Is here anyone enroll in (MEDIU) program ?

    do you think will be hard for me to find a job with Ph.d from online international school ?

    TEKMAN Semper Fi!

    - No, Al-Madinah International University is a private non-profit Malaysian higher institution, and is not accredited by any accrediting agencies under U.S Department of Education and CHEA.
    - No, I am not...nor know anyone have attended Al-Madinah International University.
    - Yes, it is hard to find an tenure track in higher education with a Doctorate via distance learning.

    If you intend to teach in higher education, I would recommend you to attend the school that you are accepted.
  3. fadia

    fadia New Member

    Thank you for TEKMAN , are you sure about Accreditation of the school ? because some poeple told me its accrideted same as Unisa!!! do you have the link for website where we can look international school accreditation .

    TEKMAN Semper Fi!

  5. SteveFoerster

    SteveFoerster Resident Gadfly Staff Member

    al-Madinah's Master's degree programs in Islamic Studies are accredited by the Malaysian Qualifications Authority, which is an arm of the Malaysian government. It is unclear, however, whether their other degree programs are similarly recognized, and that's important to determine as it may affect whether those degrees are recognized internationally.
  6. fadia

    fadia New Member

  7. I think UNISA is accredited by a Royal Charter or something. Someone on this board mentioned that a while ago. I believe that translates into a RA equalivent.
  8. CalDog

    CalDog New Member

    In the US, nobody expects degrees from other countries to have US accreditation. Foreign degrees are typically evaluated by a recognized credential service to see if they are equivalent to US degrees.

    TEKMAN Semper Fi!

    It is hard to say, I see many U.S Academic institutions hire faculty with foreign Ph.D degrees. For example, there are good number of of faculty hold degree from McMaster University, University of Toronto, McGill University, and etc. For example, Johns Hopkins University's Master of Arts in Applied Economics program director, Dr. Frank Weiss hold a PhD in Economics from the University of Kiel (Germany). In generally, it is extremely hard to hold a good tenure track with a Doctorate via Distance Learning. Most people do not use their distance learning Doctorate for teaching, or at least not directly intention.
  10. RFValve

    RFValve Well-Known Member

    Many people earn PhD degrees from prestigious universities by using external learning and get jobs as tenure track professors.

    In my opinion, it is not the method used to earn the degree but the prestige of the school that makes a difference.

    If your degree is from University of Manchester, you should be able to find full time academic work without a problem. If your degree is from almadinah international university, I would expect problems getting some recognition for this degree at American schools even for adjunct positions.

    I would not bother with this school unless you are planning to work in Malasya or other country where a degree from this school is recognized.
  11. engadnan

    engadnan Member

    I am currently enrolled with Al Madina International University (MEDIU) as an online PhD student. MEDIU is a recognized degree awarding institution of Ministry of Higher Education, Govt. of Malaysia and is now also listed in UNESCO IAU Handbook.

    I recently wrote to the Public and International Affairs Unit of the Malaysian Qualifications Agency ([email protected]) and their response is as follows:

    "Al Madinah International University (MEDIU) is registered under the Ministry of Higher Education (MoHE) as Private Higher Education Institution. The approval to conduct the program are given by the MoHE. MEDIU can conduct the program either conventional or online based on the MoHE approval. Based on MQA record, the said program has been granted approval from MoHE from 31/3/2011 to 31/1/2016."

    Hope this helps !!
  12. fadia

    fadia New Member

    My concern is will my Ph.d be evaluated by WES as equivlant to Ph.d in U.S.?
  13. engadnan

    engadnan Member

    Faida, i believe "Yes", since the programs and university is internationally recognized. Our other worthy members on the Forum may comment on this please.
  14. SteveFoerster

    SteveFoerster Resident Gadfly Staff Member

    How certain are you that that was specific to your program? As you can see by my link to the MQA record, it only says it covers their Master's degree programs in various branches of Islamic studies.

    I'm not trying to be a naysayer, in fact I want to like al-Madinah, but people have been caught up before by schools talking about how well recognized they are only to find out later that recognition wasn't institution-wide but only for some programs. And MQA's response to you doesn't make the situation perfectly clear.
  15. engadnan

    engadnan Member

    Steve, i have already checked with MQA about my PhD in "Information & Communication Technology" program and it has already obtained the provisional accreditation.

    MQA previously replied to one of my queries regarding provisional and full accreditation as " ..... the program is a new program. The institution have to achieve due time for evaluation when first batch student reaches at least at final year studies to apply the full accreditation status. Full accreditation is recognition that the certificates, diplomas or degrees awarded by higher education institutions are in accordance with the set standards."

    I hope it clarifies. Last but not the least, i am myself not a big supporter of MEDIU, just wanted to share my thoughts about it.
  16. fadia

    fadia New Member

    Well I hope someone help us to find out about the program if its recognized by the credential service in U.S. I talked with a guy from the university and he said thats all the program are recognized by MQA. I have sent an Email for the ministry of Higer education and still waiting on respond . its really not clear . hopfuly we hear somthing soon . by the way whats the criteria that credential service looking in international program in order to recognize it ?
  17. ebbwvale

    ebbwvale Member

    There are several different questions to be asked:
    (1) Is the university recognized by the Malaysian Government? On the assumption, Malaysia operates the same as other Commonwealth Countries, the university will be a creature of a private Act of Parliament. It will not be allowed to use the title university unless it is sanctioned by government. Unlike the US, standards are enforced by government in Commonwealth countries, not private accrediting agencies. You will mostly find that the degree will be recognized under GAAP Treaty. According to some,this is the equivalency of regional accreditation. My US degree here is Australia is recognized by the same provisions by Australian Universities;
    (2) This recognition does not necessarily apply to licensing authorities such professional regulating authorities or by employers. Plenty of universities have people on staff with foreign degrees. These degrees though are usually from the more well known unversities. The university is not the only consideration. Research undertaken, publications, and industry recognition are just as relevant. Bill Gates does not have a degree (probably a large number or honorary ones though). What university would not welcome him into its faculty?
  18. engadnan

    engadnan Member

    Faida, what exact PhD program you are looking to study ? May be i can help you to find its exact status.
  19. RFValve

    RFValve Well-Known Member

    This is easy, WES a prevaluation process. If the degree is preevaluated by WES as equivalent to an American PhD then you can be sure that the degree will be evaluated as such by WES after graduation.

    I would be very surprised if WES give you the equivalency but you never know. Not because it is accredited by the Malasyan government, it is an automatic equivalent to an American PhD degree.
  20. fadia

    fadia New Member

    Thank u engadnan, Im interested in Ph.d in Arabic program.

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