Alliant International University vs DL Doctorate

Discussion in 'General Distance Learning Discussions' started by Glenn, Jun 8, 2002.

  1. Glenn

    Glenn New Member

    I pass Alliant International University (Old USIU) on my way to work each day and I have checked into it's DBA program in Strategic Management but I haven't heard too much on its reputation in the business / academic world. I know its RA Brick and Mortar but would this degree serve me for a future teaching position at a local College or would this degree just rate up there with a DL Doctorate (Touro, Capella, etc..) All opinions are welcomed. (Positive/Negative)
  2. tcnixon

    tcnixon Active Member

    When AIU was still USIU, there were listed in the 4th tier, as I recall, in US News & Word Report. As for the academic world, it is unlikely that, in today's academic climate, it would get you a professorship at anything other than *maybe* a 4th tier school. That's not a bad thing, from my perspective, but for some it might be. By the way, this in no way guarantees even a job there.

    The one thing that I've noticed lately reading the Chronicle of Higher Education is the greatly increased number of articles about what to do with your Ph.D. once you finish it. No longer does everyone assume that you're going to go out and get a job as a professor because many, many won't be able to do that. Just not enough jobs and too many Ph.D.s. The one exception might be the business and computer science fields, but even there schools are looking for graduates from the "better" schools.

    As to the business world, I would guess it depends on what other jobs you have had in the business world. My guess is that most have not ever heard of Alliant (or USIU, for that matter).

    Tom Nixon
  3. Glenn

    Glenn New Member

    Tcnixon, thank you for replying to my post. I plan on using the degree to further myself in the consulting field while later in life becoming a professor. I'm disappointed that Alliant is a 4th Tier school; SDSU, UCSD & USD did not have a program that suites me so it appears I will still be searching DL programs.
  4. triggersoft

    triggersoft New Member

    I´ve recently seen a German professor from a state university (university of applied sciences in Gießen) here with an Alliant Doctorate before he got his German professorship (which is unlike to the US by writing another huge dissertation). German state authorities are extremely aware of foreign degrees being equivalent, and the fact the Alliant PhD was accepted in Germany show (at least for me) that it has strong funding.


  5. tcnixon

    tcnixon Active Member

    Interesting. I'm a little surprised because the name change/merger happened such a relatively short time ago (within the last 2 years?).

    For those that don't know, Alliant University was formed as the result of a merger of United States International University and the California School for Professional Psychology. That's how Fresno (my hometown these days) got an Alliant "campus". CSPP was already here.

    Tom Nixon
  6. Anthony Pina

    Anthony Pina Active Member

    USIU education doctorates have been very popular with school district superintendents and other educational administrators. I have know of university faculty with USIU doctorates and would expect the same now that it is Alliant.

    The US News & World Report, while providing useful information, should not be the only measure by which one decides which school to attend. Find a program and faculty that best meets your needs. There are some schools that may be "third or fourth tier" by US News standards that may have good highly rated programs in your area of interest.

  7. Anthony Pina

    Anthony Pina Active Member

    That should be "known," not "know...sorry

  8. triggersoft

    triggersoft New Member

    Expressed it wrong,
    he got its degree from United States International U.:

    I have just gotten to the Alliant website by searching USIU, that´s why.



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