Alliant International University DBA and Ph.D.

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    Does anyone have experience with Alliant's DBA program? Any idea of costs, and if it can be completed by someone who does not live in California?

    They also have a new Ph.D. in Leadership that looks interesting. I am trying to get the same kind of info about that program.

    I have written the school, got some info about the programs, and am waiting on answers to my followup questions.

    Here is the URL to the school:


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    Great school - nice campus - that is the old US ILT UNV site.

    Alliant was formed in 2001 by the combination of two older institutions: the California School of Professional Psychology (CSPP) and United States International University (USIU).

    Another good note:

    The journal Hispanic Outlook on Higher Education has recognized Alliant for being one of top universities awarding doctoral degrees to Hispanics. Alliant is #6 on their list. Alliant is widely recognized for outstanding programs that give students the knowledge, tools and skills to lead the way in a diverse, challenging and constantly changing world.

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