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Discussion in 'IT and Computer-Related Degrees' started by nomaduser, May 10, 2020.

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    Here's a reply from Alison:

    "Basically, Alison certificates and diplomas can be placed on any CV as a sign of your activity and commitment to self-improvement in a certain field, as well as a sign of your skill level. Employers really like to see that you are committed and gaining knowledge in their field. Then, as they now know that you should be qualified in a certain field, they are more likely to take the time to meet you and see if you really have the knowledge/skills this diploma or certificate represents.

    The diplomas/certs therefore signal to your employer that you are hard-working, committed to this job, and that you have the skills necessary to do this kind of work, so they definitely help with any job application.

    You can also check out Alison’s accreditation model here Alison Accreditation Explained

    . Alison courses are accredited by pedagogic experts and follow industry standards. It is up to individual employers then to see if the employee in front of them possesses the right skills for the job.

    Moreover, diplomas and certificates are not just for employers, they are also for you. A lot of people forget how much work they have put into different activities, and have little to show for it. Having a certificate or a diploma on your wall or shelf is a great way to remind yourself of all the work you are putting in! This can be a real source of confidence in times when life seems that little bit tougher.

    You see, Alison is more than a workplace skills trainer, it’s also a source of personal empowerment and little boosts for your day to day life that you can gain through knowledge and some guidance. The Alison Blog

    and Career Guide are specifically designed to give these kinds of personal and professional tips, so check them out!"
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    Well, Alison isn't new, they've been around for years. As for utility, I'd say as much as any other continuing education provider, although perhaps more in Europe where they're better known. (They're Irish.)
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    They're ok, but their courses are extremely short and don't go much further than the basics. Completion of most of their diplomas are estimated about 15 hours, though I think the average person can finish them in less than half that time. Their certificates are shorter and their courses are even shorter than that.

    So, it's certainly legit and there's nothing wrong with putting them on your resume, but I wouldn't put too much stock in them. I'd do it to pad a resume that needs a little help, but I wouldn't expect to use them as primary credentials for entry into any field.

    I'd be interested in anecdotes from people who have had positive results from them.
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    I'll add that if anyone looks into the archives, you might find me harshly criticizing ALISON in the past. They've come a long way over the years, so I've softened quite a bit on them. I'm not wowed by anything they offer, but I'm not turned off anymore either.
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    So, they give you a diploma that looks like legit:


    Maybe it's worth getting one lol
    I think it will worth as much as Coursera course completion certificate... but not better than Coursera professional certificate or Edx professional certificate.

    Here's another diploma program:
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    Actually, it turns out there's a real accredited 'Shaw Academy' that issues IT diplomas:

    The professional diploma courses of Shaw Academy were accredited with 10 credit units by the Scottish Credit and Qualifications Framework (SCQF) through validation of Edinburgh Napier University.[16] They are on the European Qualifications Framework, a reference network for the comparability of national educational standards,[17] and therefore, amongst others, comparable to 10 credit units achieved through Higher National Diploma, foundation degree, Diploma of Higher Education or an associate degree in the US.[citation needed]

    and its price is not that high!! I think Shaw Academy diploma is more useful.

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