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    I´m looking into the "Advanced Networking Technologies Certificate at Algonquin College . Anyone know anything about this college? Advanced Networking Technologies Certficate
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    Yes - it's very credible. Algonquin College, in Ottawa, is one of several community colleges in Ontario that offer distance learning. (Four-year and higher schools tend to be universities. In Ontario, colleges tend to be two-year schools.) They offer some of the most cost-efficient learning around, especially with the Canadian-U.S. dollar exchange rate. In most cases, certificate programs consist of six or seven individual courses, usually 15-18 credits in total. (Most Ontario community colleges do not offer degrees, but do offer dipomas, which average 24 credits in total.)

    You can find several programs of this nature at, a consortium of community colleges in Ontario that have distance learning programs. The I.T. field is popular with several of them. You will find similar programs, for example, at Niagara College, Mohawk College, and St. Lawrence College.

    One item of note: Some, but not all, of the community colleges are beginning to impose international student fees. If you are in the U.S., I would call the college to make sure that their fees are applicable to U.S. students without additional international charges. Also, if you are a U.S. student and want to transfer credit, remember that Ontario colleges are not regionally accredited, although several of them have articulation agreeements with individual U.S. colleges and universities.
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    Thanks for info and link.

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