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  1. PrincessButtercup

    PrincessButtercup New Member

    I took an assessment with Aleks and scored a 119 out of 137, from my understanding, that should be sufficient to receive the ACE credit. I am not quite sure what to do now.

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    TEKMAN Semper Fi!

    Aleks should keep track of your college credits for you to transfer into any institution that accept American Council on Education's recommendation credit.
  3. PrincessButtercup

    PrincessButtercup New Member

    Do I need to submit the credits to ACE, or just wait until I am ready to apply to COSC and tell them to get the credits from Aleks?

    TEKMAN Semper Fi!

    I am not sure, i assume you don't have to. I would recommend you to email Aleks for more detail. My situation was a little bit difference when I was in the Marine Corps active duty. All my credits for Military Training, CLEP, and DANTES were evaluated by the Depart of the Navy college program under SMART transcript. In the transcript it specifies the credit is recommended by ACE. I never had to contact or request transcript from ACE.
  5. rebel100

    rebel100 New Member

    No, pause and put each class to ACE before moving on. Aleks dies not keep track for you and you risk your info being lost. It's a quick email/ phone call. Have your ACE set up beforehand, won't cost you until you have that sent to COSC. I'm pretty sure COSC won't take it direct from Aleks, but they might.
  6. PrincessButtercup

    PrincessButtercup New Member

    I was already set up with ACE, it was a little convoluted to enter it because I couldn't find the course ID for Aleks but I entered it as business statistics and it was approved within minutes.

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