ALEKS no longer ACE certified?

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    After a couple of months of studying through a mathematics course, I tried to put in a transcript request for ACE today and discovered that ALEKS lost their ACE approval on August 31, 2017. I did some research and saw that this has happened in the past. Does anyone know how much time they usually allow the ACE certification to lapse before renewing? Or, of any petitions I can sign as feedback for the companies potential renewal? Thanks!

    RANSOMSOUL New Member

    There is nothing to be done on your end and the effort of a petition would not do you any good. The ACE relationship is based on accreditation and that is far above the students pay grade. Fortuntely, ALEKS, as you mentioned, has gone through this and come out with new extended approval dates.

    Coincidentally, my son just finished Statistics with ALEKS on the 10th and went through the same experience of learning that they are currently not approved. We're holding tight and expect a positive outcome as ALEKS works through the process.

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