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  1. Rohan

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    Does anyone know if Excelsior accepts any ALEKs for discrete math requirement.
    Aleks offers following courses which are ACE approved.
    * Beginning Algebra
    * Intermediate Algebra
    * College Algebra
    * Trigonometry
    * College Algebra with Trigonometry
    * PreCalculus
    * Introduction to Statistics
    * Business Statistics
    * Statistics for the Behavioral Sciences
    Can anyone please check with Academic adviser if anyone of these will satisfy discrete math. I am still in unofficial evaluation so can't get to academic advisers ?
  2. I will ask my adviser for you. What do you mean by "discrete" math requirement?

    In my experience (of a few months) with Excelsior, I have found their policies to be rather predictable. Since ALEKs is evaluated by ACE, Excelsior will accept them for credit and I would be surprised if they looked at them as any different than having taken a class with the same content.
  3. Rohan

    Rohan New Member

    What I meant to ask was out of the list I got from ALEKs is there any course that can be completed to satisfy discrete math. I applied for BSIT and was told I have to complete discrete math as part of general education courses.
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