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Discussion in 'IT and Computer-Related Degrees' started by codekiller, Mar 23, 2004.

  1. codekiller

    codekiller New Member

    Hello alumni and others,

    I was wondering how long are you graduate does it take for your diploma to come in the mail and does it come in a frame or something ? what all comes with it ?
  2. Natdog73

    Natdog73 New Member

    It took about 6 weeks for me to get my BIT diploma from AIU. I had to buy my own frame. I figure it is the norm not to get a frame for free since I had to buy one for my Excelsior AS diploma also.
  3. vonnell1

    vonnell1 Member

    Same here

    Same here, had to buy my own. I should be getting one for my Information System Security Cerificate also soon.

  4. codekiller

    codekiller New Member

    thanks for the quick responce,

    I was also wondering how big it was so that I can go out and purchase a frame for it ! also , do they give you anything extra for graduating with honors?
  5. Rob L

    Rob L New Member


    The diploma is pretty big. I am sorry that I don't know the actual dimensions off hand (11*17 maybe), but I suggest buying a frame that can house a fairly large picture. As for any extras by graduating with honors; I graduated Summa Cum Laude and the only thing I got was Summa Cum Laude printed on my diploma. Also, in my opinion, I thought the transcripts looked kind of cheesy. But, they are good enough in the eyes of the HR people I have encountered since getting the degree.

    Anyway, congrats on the degree.
  6. codekiller

    codekiller New Member

    Thanks for all your help with the diploma!

    I have been waiting idolly by for the diploma to come it can come soon enough for me!.

    I have another question what graduate shool have you guys applied to and what replies have you gotten? I am starting my search for a masters program but will not start untill the end of next year but I am curious what other schools are saying about our degree I would like to call the schools but they always want to try to sign me up for classes as soon as I call and thats not what I want i just want information , Any reply would be helpful.

    thanks !

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