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Discussion in 'Political Discussions' started by lspahn, Sep 13, 2006.

  1. lspahn

    lspahn New Member

    Well, as predicted it was short lived.....

    Click Here to Read the Sad, Sad, News!

    Now where are all conservative to go for their comic relief? Does Howard Dean have a blog?

    Ok..sorry....had to get it out...This surprise anyone? And any thoughts on why this was such a short lived projet and why liberal talk radio doesnt work well on the national scale?
  2. wannabeit

    wannabeit New Member

    Hmmm, this look like a consecutive conspiracy. (LOL) How is it that "liberal" became a bad word. What is the bad work for a conservative?

    I guess the sponsors are getting nervous. After all, you are against the president if you don't agree with him.

    Don't forget we are reliving the whole McCarthynism era.
  3. lspahn

    lspahn New Member

    I think the rating made the investors nervous. Like it or not they scored almost nothing in most markets, and failed to make an entry at all in the arbitron book (ratings book) in some markets..thats a big fat ZERO! I still would like to know why this always struggles...outside of a conspiracy theory....They were on some of the biggest stations in major cities like NY.

    When i grew up conservative was a bad word. It ment mean spirited or punisihing at the time. Now, for alot, conservative mean traditionalist and safe. Its cycular, radical or liberal ideas are much harder to accept in uncertain times. Risks become more pronounced and it signifigantly harder to the little person to lay it on the line.

    The war is a good example. I truely and honestly wish that if we left Iraq, said we were sorry, played nice, and tried to get along with everyone that the Islamic Facist (yes i said it, more nonsense) would leave us in peace. If you belive that me and Santa Clause have a bridge in Oz to sell you. We could sent them 747s full of prepaid prositutes for a year and they would still hate us every bit as much. Now could we try and it work out, maybe, but probably not. Its a risk, like risk in business, that has to be weighed out. I think when dealing with dangerous monster like them people are more confindent it what history has shown to be a safe, secure or "traditional"
    solution. Destroy them.
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  4. wannabeit

    wannabeit New Member

    Is it possible that all of the Conservative rhetorics and innuendo (lies) has something to do with it. I hate to say this but how is it possible that the american people are that gullible? I have my own version of what's really going on. I'm trying to reserve my thoughts cause Big brother is listening. I have travel all around the world and I have never felt uncomfortable in any of those country. Yes, this include the middle east. Someone once ask me, have I travel across the U.S.. Yes I have and I will not do it again. Driving through the south from New York to California was both a wonderful and fear for life experience. I could not believe that we live in a beautiful country fill with racists that still incite fear in us. I've encountered those bigots in Tennessee and Texas. Those people were driving around in pickup truck with their rifle or shotgun. I really couldn't tell the different in weapons. Thank goodness for the good people in those states. What really struck me hard is that these same bigots who goes to church on sunday are called Christians. I have nothing against any religion but if you truly believe in love, caring and sharing then there should be no room for hatred. I know I'm getting off the subject so forgive me for wandering off. I will close with this. Can anyone tell me what is the best passport to have? Through my traveling experience I've came across many people who say America is a bad country persecuting people of color. I could not deny our ugly history. But these same people by a large majority says the best passport is Canada. Why is it that nobody outside our hemispere hate Canada?
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  5. Abner

    Abner Well-Known Member

    I like your comments and your style!

    Abner :)
  6. BDev

    BDev New Member

    I think people give Canada too much credit. I've been all over the world and have experienced bigotry in every country: the UAE, South Korea, Australia, and yes, "Oh Canada!".

    I think that the reason Canadians are so disliked in this hemisphere is their lack of gratitude. It's not their military that keeps this hemisphere safe. It's ours but they criticize "us" (our military and our nation) constantly.

    I grew up in N.M. but Texas is one of the friendliest places I've ever lived. Not all truck-driving, gun-toting Texans are bad folk. :)
  7. Jigamafloo

    Jigamafloo New Member

    Gotta agree with you. Maybe most of Texas is the "We have lethal injection and we use it!" mentallity, but after 10 years in San Antonio, it's far from that stereotype. Friendly, tolerant, and lively to a fault! Great tortillas as well.....

  8. wannabeit

    wannabeit New Member

    I agreed there are alot of wonderful people in this country. It's unfortunate that the goodness sometimes get overshadow by the evil.

    I also want to say that in Texas, I went to a restaurant (don't remember the name) that was advertising eat and finish your dinner and the dinner is free. I gotta tell ya. First, the meal was humongous and delicious. Big, big chunk of steak. Sadly, I couldn't finish my meal. But it was the best steak dinner I've eaten.

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