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    Hello there was very good thread that apparently is not available anymore. Here's the address:
    I do not know Why the thread is deleted.
    Does someone Want to try to restore the thread?
    If not, Should I try to list the information that was in the deleted thread in this thread?

    If so I will list affordable bachelor degrees for computer science. Hopefully the degree is recognized in Germany. Leaving open the opportunity to study a Masters in Germany. also German language degrees or degrees in Germany in English. Also universities in the USA and other European countries are welcome. Thank you. Online degrees and Competency-based degrees are welcome.

    - But if you actually speak German, you might also be interested in the University of Hagen. This public school offers a computer science degree (in German) for a total of 1500 euros.

    -I sent you a PM with information because it's super long and complicated for TESU. The only relevant competency-based degrees I'm aware of are at WGU or Purdue University Global. WGU is NOT available outside of the US. I don't know much about PUG but they don't actually have a degree in Comp Sci. The closest would possibly be IT with a concentration in Programming & Software Development:
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    Hmm, interesting the thread is no longer there. I wonder if something or some bot added some information in that thread ... and mods needed to remove it ...
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    Excellent. Thanks. There is a ton of useful information in that thread. :)

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