Aerogarden - Poached Steelhead

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    Each spring I delight in beginning my new garden. I grow various herbs, tomatoes, and chillies. This year, I got a super early start. I got an Aerogarden for Christmas. This morning it was time for a little harvest.Yhe starter herb pack comes with Sweet Basil, Thai Basil, mint, Thyme, Parsley, and Dill.

    The Dill had grown considerably tall. So, this morning, I said to my self - time for some poached salmon. I zipped right over to Aldi. The Steelhead looked so much better than the salmon. So let me tell you - my court bullion consisted of three inches of water,one small onion, one carrot, a stalk of celery, some Aerogarden To hyme and a squeeze of lemon. My Steelhead fillet
    was about a p ound and a half. I sliced it in half, for two separate portions.
    After about fourteen minutes the Steelhead was done. Garnished with a good bit of the Aerogarden Dill and served it with some fried potatoes mixed with the court bullion carrots. I like to think our colleague, Nosborn48 would have enjoyed it.
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