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    I really do appreciate the members of this board very much. They have been so helpful in the past. I received my BA the traditional way by living in the dorms and attending a brick and mortar college back in '90-'94. I became a stay at home mom and when the time came to go back to school I had a real problem on my hands because my dear husband is in the military. MOVE MOVE MOVE. That's the name of the game. A credit here, a credit there doesn't get you anywhere. I came here and was advised well and ended up deciding to do the UOP program in Elementary Education. I really have enjoyed it. I want to get a doctorate now and I'm thinking of doing the Nova Southeastern program in Curriculum and Instruction. I have emailed with Dr. Marcia Skopp. She has been really helpful. My goal is to write some for journals in the area of curriculum/standards for primary grades and teach only part time as adjunct faculty. Anyone ever been through this program and can tell me about it?
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    I have two peers who completed docs a NOVA in the Ed.D. program and loved the experience. Both have been able to advance their careers as a result. I am also aware of at least two education department heads in the Northwest that graduated from NOVA.
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    Many grads with Nova doctorates are teaching in both full-time and adjunct positions at institutions for which I ave worked. A colleague of mine (a high school business technology teacher) recently finished his doctorate in the instructional technology & distance education program at Nova and, soon after, landed a very nice adjunct position teaching online for Walden.

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