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    Someone else asked my situation is different I know I can't handle the level of work to earn a bachelors degree at any accredited or foreign school akin to that. I'm not stupid I passed my A.S. degree with a solid high B average, no thanks to the classes outside of accounting. And can do any practical applications with computers and applied classes well enough a key skill to stay current on my profession. But the A.S. is limiting me to any positions with many companies if I end up having to get another job since they demand a bachelors. Most seem not to care in what its some sort of obligation in many companies no bachelors, not likely to be employed.

    So what am I supposed to do to earn the degree? As I see it avoiding the obvious "buying" a degree I either can go to a substandard accredited program such as the UoP, earn a degree legal to use in the US that is utterly unrelated such as a Bible College degree that I can at least note under "other education" to show I have a bachelors in something or attend an unaccredited school that is not a degree mill but not exactly challenging to note said degree in "other education".

    The big concern is money UoP or any similar school I likely would have a hard time affording, the second option is not undesireable I'm religious so that could be appealing as something to do if the school is at least decent and the last may be low cost if I choose carefully - and if I did real work to some level I would at least be clear I earned the degree.

    And let me be clear I have poor math skills for anything other than practical functions for my work, even geometry I struggled with and my English skills are passing. And don't even ask me to learn a foreign language I never could do that I tried in High School and later one to get some skill in Spanish and again no skills at it. And many RA schools demand a language another road block for me.

    So any advice? I have many experts here to give it and you have to have some ideas what I could look at to get a bachelors degree, there has to be some option I can use and afford to get one. Consider this a extra credential since my A.S. and twenty years of experience are my best weapons, something I could maybe say I earned for personal reasons.
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    Well, you may consider cheaper accredited alternatives such as Ashworth College, for example, they are about $80 dollars a credit and offer a payment plan, their programs are self pace, so pressure should not be an issue, that way you have more time to grasp the material. There are others alternatives, but I mentioning this one base on your story and situation.

    Hope you find what you are looking for.
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    Given your political leanings, if you don't mind that the school is nationally accredited rather than regionally, you may really like Yorktown University.

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    Well I applied to a more expensive option Excelsior College the faculty advisor I tentatively talked to will work with me on a practical applied business concentration, since I have accounting covered. Right now it looks like a selection of e-commerce, management and related classes that are more applied in nature. But with 68 credits already, including two semesters of Spanish from a University of Wisconsin Center (two-year school) I should be able to get a very sound education. Its not inexpensive but I don't see another option I can't consider any program that demands higher level math and most do. Accounting and practical financial mathematics I can handle, algebra has always been a major problem for me sadly and geometry.

    But this school seems good and well at least is used to working with adults that may need more customized education, if its a sound program overall.
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    Well that option is off the table we are at a position the business advisor is demanding statistics and there is no way I will be able to handle that. That is leaving me only two options at this point a full program outside of business and accounting, maybe in the humanities. Or I can earn an unaccredited religious degree with a school that is not that demanding since the religious school exemption applies in Florida - several others went this route most companies don't seem to care. As long as the degree is legal and a bachelors, and they have relevant education and experience already.

    If Florida had the same rule as Oregon I would take an unaccredited school degree in business but I can't just add "this institution is unaccredited" next to it. So my options seem limited at the moment.
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  7. Go_Fishy

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    Unaccredited (i.e. not regionally accredited) does not automatically mean less or no work. I think before you should decide on a school, you should become aware of your strengths rather than focusing on your weaknesses. You have an AS in Accounting, which means you are probably capable of using your brain cells when necessary. ;) The difference between an AS and a BS are two years of school, not some mysterious realm of intellectual capacity.

    Some schools offer certificates in business. And many schools offer degree completion programs for people like you who have college credits but no Bachelor's yet. For instance, I am currently looking at the University of Minnesota who offer an 18-credit business certificate for people without any business background. Of course, Minnesota is by no means the cheapest option, but I am sure there are others.
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    Most schools offer free tutoring as well. I was tutored all through Algebra and my Spanish classes. It was the only way I was going to get through. If you get a good tutor then you can understand things you thought were complicated.

    I agree with the others, focus on your strengths. Weaknesses can be worked out. If you need statistics, then get a tutor to get you through and focus on getting at least a C. You may surprise yourself, though.
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    Maybe the most suitable degree for you to pursue is a BS in Liberal Studies. Excelsior requires 2 units of college level math and TESC requires 3 units of college level math. Check out the requirements on the web sites for these two schools.

    I suggest you take the math class on campus at your local junior college.

    I am not aware of any bachelor degree that does not require some math credits.

    In general most RA universities do not have a foreign language requirement.
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    I say take a look at Roger Williams University BGS program. I'm currently at Fort Hays State University taking a couple of classes, but I'm going with RWU this summer. I'm closer to a degree with them. The way I see it, once I finish up my BGS with them, I can go back with FHS's MLS program with a concentration in whatever. I'm also interested in looking at a few NA master programs in e-business, or some undergraduate and graduate certificates at some other college.

    If you are a vet you can take classes at RWU for 250 per credit hour. I'm also sure your AS degree will cover all or most of the gen ed requirements. They only require one math class.
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    I have math credits my A.S. program required College Mathematics and some other courses since it is RA. I can do some college mathematics just anything more than what I have taken is unlikely to be very likely I would pass. I will add I'm an excellent accountant I am great at basic useful mathematics in my field and handling the functions that are required. I'm just not that good at mathematics such as algebra, geometry and the like but neither was my father.

    I may have found an option Oral Roberts University was also applied to and they already contacted me I can complete a major area of study in their B.S. distance program in management. And they will let my secondary degree focus be accounting with my existing credits. I will focus on management, human resources, marketing and other areas of study related to that. Its not inexpensive and may take longer but since its not business administration statistics is not going to be expected. And I checked unless I'm wrong they are properly accredited so would be perfectly acceptable.
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